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  1. It's easy, I'm not a bot. Just trying to get a 360 Elite.
  2. Pyramid schemes are not something that are not encouraged to share on Obsidian's public fora. Text removed.
  3. Light for the roleplay and then dark for the fun and interesting replies.
  4. You also have to have had the encounter with Visas, as well. I'm not sure why, but apparently it's important for your character. It may have something to do with facing Darth Nihilus later on.
  5. The access codes to the power system are on the console where you were being held. You can even switch the two protocols from that console.
  6. HK-47 is by far the funniest KotOR character; ever!! Almost all of his responses are funny. The only other character who comes close is Jolee.
  7. I don't think there is one for the Xbox version. There may be a no-clip option for the PC version. Did you try disabling the security at the console where you met Kipf? You have to disable his console as well as one other on the opposite side of the palace. After that, you should cut-scene right to the palace door being open.
  8. Prima Guide's conversion conversations are located in the very back of the guide. I think someone here posted the converstion trees for all of the party members. I think it's in the PWIk influence thread. Good luck!
  9. Well, you get one part on Telos. All of the other parts are available on Nar Shadaa, Onderon, Dantooine and Korriban. It all depends on which planet you visit first. I always go to Nar Shadaa first because I find it easier to get my lightsaber parts quicker.
  10. Solo mode will not work. You have to go to the party selection screen and remove everyone from your party. You'll know that you succeeded when you see only your pc on the screen. After that, you can complete the quest.
  11. I was always under the impression that the ability to feel and/or wield the force was the defining characteristic of being a jedi or sith. The lightsaber is the preferred weapon of the jedi or sith.
  12. I thought the "build another lightsaber" was a good idea. Reminded me a lot of KotOR I. Besides, you can use force powers while using melee and ranged weapons in this version. Not too bad of a trade off.
  13. Thanks a lot, fertile!! I can't wait try this out!! (w00t)
  14. I have to play through as darkside at least twice. Once as a male and once as a female. After that, I can usually only go through as a lightsider. KotOR I ruined it for me when I had to use my darkside threats against the woman on Tatooine. Later, I had to kill Mission?! Darkside may be more fun for most, but not for me. I still enjoy force storm and take huge force point hits.
  15. Lightsaber crystal glitch? Care to explain? I'm not sure I've read about it anywhere else. Oh course, I haven't looked anywhere else; so please bear with me. Really, what does the lightsaber crystal glitch involve?
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