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  1. Yes it is a bug, because I've had it happen with Carth as well. :D The hologram always spawns in on the exit ramp. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ok thanks :cool: You have to admit thats pretty weird, an Holo that can be selected & turns towards you when clicked on
  2. My God...I'm telling you. Its. A. BUG. The game failed to remove the hologram after you talked to T3. What is so difficult to understand about that? Take it from someone who has played this game thousands of times and gotten this bug half of those playthroughs.... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Did you watch the movie? She looks like that she could be talked to & be selectable, when i click on her she turn towards me but doesn't move. I don't doubt your word, please watch, its weird
  3. Ok i'll show what i mean, i've made a movie using Fraps: Bastila Force Ghost Mirror Link So, whats that all about?
  4. Yes i did, but the discussion with T3 was not on the ebon hawk's exit ramp? Plus, i'm farter(farer, SP?) in the game now. Also, its not the Hologram, i mean, she's clearly a Force Ghost, the cutscene where she is the Hologram of the past stored in T3 was not a clear picture, now she's crystal clear, like a force ghost. I'll make a screen, i'll be back in 2sec...
  5. Hi, i've decided to play again at KotOR2. This time i have a Force Ghost Bastila in the Ebon Hawk, but she doesn't speak or do anything else except standing there in the Ebon Hawk's exit ramp(inside, while flying). Does she do anything? Why she's there, i can't remember, i've play 2 time(1 on Light, 1 on Dark) when this game was released, then stash away the game until now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in adavance Furio
  6. ? On the PC it says xx of 65 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Can someone with the PC version make a list of those 65 movies, please. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm too leasy ... sorry but what i can do is give you the info that you need to change in your SWkotor2.ini file under [Movies Shown] to Unlock 61/65 of the Movies . No one has been able to unlocked more then 61/65 , i think this is a bug. Copy whats under [Movies Shown] in your SWkotor2.ini file then, replace-it with the following : [Movies Shown] ;; TNT Rocks ; Movie10=0 Movie 9=0 Movie 8=0 Movie 7=31 Movie 6=255 Movie 5=255 Movie 4=255 Movie 3=255 Movie 2=255 Movie 1=255 Movie 0=255
  7. You will want to just put your CD in the drive and play the game legitimately because, if you notice, the file size of the executable (swkotor2.exe) jumped from 6 MBs to 13 MBs which means there were a ton of changes. Besides, with a legit install, you shouldn't worry about not having the CDs, right? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Don't worry its 100% legit & for your info i don't have a NoCd , its just a question that i asked him ... Also i did'nt patch the game yet , i'm waiting for a version that will fix the bugs .
  8. Thanks , yes it is . Another question you had a NoCd for the ".exe" v1.0 but does it work now after that you've Updated Kotor ? Cause from what i eard each time that you patch a game you need a new NoCd version to work with this new ".exe" . Expl. Kotor 1 ".exe" at first it was v1.01 Then v1.02 At last it was v1.03 So did it still work ?
  9. Which one is it in there , for the US version of the Patch ?
  10. Well , as we can see this best natural order of planet to do 1st is open for arguements ... thanks to you all so far its been really interesting to ear out your point of views ... Anyone else as a thought on that ?
  11. Well tell your best order of planet to do first & why ...
  12. read this thread : http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=33146
  13. Well i keep reading about this "cheat node" on X-Box just wondering if its available on the PC version ?
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