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  1. My Specs are - PS3 32" WSHD LCD TV It looks fine for me also. From what I've seen so far there's been no graphical, sound or performance issues. The only problem with the game that I have is me. I'm really finding that console + me + TPP game = not so good. I'm just a gumby when it comes to First or Third Person Perspective games on consoles I guess. I'll most likely be getting the PC version because the game does seem promising.
  2. Just for reference and fun you can generate your own QR-Codes from the Kaywa QR Generator page using URLs, text and other sources selected by using the radio buttons. Borderlands had QR codes spread through it that had various messages in them.
  3. I got this game for a console. I'm fairly new to consoles and I find the controllers to be very unwieldy and hard to get my head around. I was going to keep clear of First or Third Person Perspective games on the console and stick to racing games and games that don't need too much precision. I got Red Dead Redemption though and found the controls to be very good and intuitive. So I though I'd take a gamble and get Alpha Protocol on console, big mistake. I find the controls to be near impossible to use. I can manage the electrical bypass and lock-pick mini games but that hack game on a larg
  4. I'm not exactly sure where the best place for this is but I'll put it here to start with. From the "Obsidian Forum Community" if you click on the "Neverwinter Nights 2 : Mask of the Betrayer" link it actually takes you to the "NWN2: Players - Storm of Zehir" forum on the Bioware Community page. I tried this with Firefox 3.6.3 and Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.13 and had the same result.
  5. Never Winter Nights 2 - Original campaign. Waiting for Alpha Protocol to come out on hopefully Thursday, well that's when it's listed to hit the selves.
  6. A German medical exchange student was saved by Ninjas down here in Aus. I thought it mildly amusing. Story HERE.
  7. No particular order, I really liked them all. System Shock 1&2 Planescape Torment Bioforge NWN + expansions + toolset. Half-life Asteroids Spacequest series Monkey Island series KOTOR 1&2 Masters of Orion 2
  8. Over all I really liked it. I had some very odd behavior with graphics but I have an ATI card and if I changed the Antialiasing or Anisotropic filtering levels then changed them back it all went well until the next graphical glitch. The regularity of the glitches changed with each driver update, whether it be from ATI or MS. I found a lot of "bugs" that people pointing out to be more of a missed or undiscovered plot point than anything real. There are definitely bugs there but they are truely very, very minor in the big scheme of things. The more I go through the game the more I find
  9. Was just doing the Sith Tomb on Dxun and was trying to get into the terminal with the equation. It comes up (6_2)_8_9_1=13. If you enter (6*2)-8+9/1=13, which is correct mathematically, you get a negative response, ie. zapped and can't get in. You have to enter (6*2)-8+9*1=13 to solve the puzzle and it only accepts this response as far as I can see. Only a very minor point but still.....
  10. What single play only games or PnP games would people like to see as an MMO? I personally prefer RPGs but I think the Fantasy setting is getting a little worn out. Don't get me wrong there are some very good MMORPGs out there that are great but I'd like to see something a bit different. That being said I'd really go for an MMO that was based either on the Fallout series or one that was based on Shadowrun. I'd even go for something based on a Alternity - Darkmatter theme. Something a bit more Sci-Fi than just futuristic.
  11. This is the way I've built my sentinel STR - 14 Slight dmg bonus and helps to hit early in game DEX - 14 At least some dodge bonus and helps skills CON - 12 Took toughness to boost HP INT - 14 For those skills WIS - 12 Due to the Level you can get I kept this low, your level gets added to Force sv DC's and your own saves are good as Sentinel CHA - 12 Similar reason to above. As I level I'll mainly be boosting Dex, I took Touhgness early and will be taking both Finesses. Not really sure if Melee Finesse is needed though. This way my AC should be good and chance to hit will be a
  12. I had this problem also. I went into the ini file in the base install folder and changed the Display Options and Graphics options both to Fullscreen = 1. This fixed it. I think you only need to change the Graphics Options though.
  13. Ah! To have had access to the Odyssey Toolset to be able to design our own modules...... Are the areas, dialog trees, scripting, etc. done in a similar fasion to NWN and the Aurora Toolset that was released with NWN?
  14. Nope, the one I have is definitely Travel the Borderlands. I'll have to dig it up out of the storage boxes to get the module number though. It's been quite some time since I've played 1st Ed. Using 3.5 Ed now. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Whoops! My bad. :"> We're both wrong. Keep on the Borderlands, so you were closer. "
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