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  1. http://www.starwarsknights.com/mod_week.php
  2. Carth is glad to hear this project is still going forward. Carth is happy. (w00t)
  3. I bought WOW. Now I just need to wait 3 more weeks to play it.
  4. What is the max height for dwarves in WOW?
  5. About WOW, do the patches auto download or are they manual download?
  6. I have looked at Guild Wars and it's more of a CORPG which isn't what i'm looking for right now.
  7. I can only pay for 1, which 1 should it be?
  8. Mine too. Goodby Obsidian Forums, we hardly knew ye.
  9. Wait all JTL gives you is a shuttle? You cant get a fighter and fly around shooting fighter baddies? What kind of crappy expansion is that? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Here are the ships.
  10. 1 month - $14.99 3 months - $41.99 6 months - $77.99 12 months - $143.99 This is in U.S. dollars.
  11. I'm thinking I might get Star Wars Galaxies:AED and JTL sometime in the next 6 months. How good/bad is the game/games, are they worth buying?
  12. Help us New England Patriots, you're our only hope.
  13. One game down, congrats Eagles. The next game should be great. Go Patriots/Steelers.
  14. In that regard then you don't really play a Jedi either. In the end the Jedi want to take your power also.
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