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  1. Hi I just asking if anyone vote for KotOR II for Best RPG on G4's G-Phoria? I did but not for KOTOR 2: Sith Lords, it is a good game but with the cut material, broken quests and the bad ending I didn't vote for this game. Plus OB/LA not going to fix their mistake I didn't vote for their game. Feels funny a game with alot of problems gets "Game of the Year", just feels wrong! Does anyone else feel the same way???
  2. my light saber as DS Male was orange and red (had 2 light sabers). Once my brother played his game he had a orange molten color for a light saber and ever since I cant find it (wanted it as DS Male). Does anyone know what that molten crystal called?
  3. Hi, just asking if you are playing DS Male or Female can make Sion join your forces so he turn aganist Keira? Wish I can add him in my party, maybe Sion might be it Kotor 3 who knows?
  4. Hi, I like to see the Exile finds Raven in the outer rim where they find powerful sith stuffs. Then Raven & the Exile become allies and then then turn on the whole Sith empire with their allies as 2 Jedi Masters or both become 2 powerfully Sith Lords and turn on the republic to rule it and destroy the rest of the jedi in Kotor 3. Just hope the Kotor series goes at around 5 or 6 games.
  5. Hi, just asking when with the maker of the petition on this page http://www.petitiononline.com/kotor2/ give the makers (LA & OB) of Kotor 2 our petition when it hits 10000?
  6. Hi, I hope they make KotoR 3 for the xbox. Hope they add more planets to explore like 6 to 9 planets in the game. New Robes and armour, dress your character in droid armour like in some of the star wars comic. I hope Revan & the Exile become allies and on side of Dark Side the Two Dark Lords come back to the republic to with the allies to rule and to crush the rest of the jedi in hiding. If Revan and Exile come back to the republic with their allies and as two Jedi Masters to crush the sith for good. Then maybe in Kotor 4 the new jedi strike down the sith or the new dark lords crush the last of any hope.
  7. You can sell T3 when you have him in your party, then talk to the alien who sell droid parts. Then he asked if your droid is for sell, and there 2 or 3 option you can pick. I sold T3 for $500 and you get dark side points but lose trust with T3.
  8. Hi, I was wondering can you sell T3 to the alien who sell droids part on Nar Shaddaa? If you can what happen to T3 in the rest of the game and can you get him back? I am at this part in the game, I sold T3 but just wondering what happen next.
  9. Hi, I just wondering how did you get kreia to talk to handmaiden? What I did was I went back onboard and fight visas. Then after you beat her and talk atton bout her. talk to kreia bout her. then go talk to her gain influence with her, I get only this scene visas asks handmaiden what the exile looks like. So what do you have to do to get the scene where kreia to talk to handmaiden, just asking?
  10. Hi, I like to know which party members you can turn into a jedi?
  11. Hi, new at the forum and I like to know was there a mod for kotor 1 for the xbox? Where can you get it and download it, I love to know? I dont have xbox live so I cant get the space station. Please let me know and thanks
  12. Hello, I am new at this forum and just asking about the TSL Restoration Project. I played through my xbox version of Kotor 2: Sith Lords as Dark Side Male my first time and I notice alot of quests not done and the HK Factory missing and the ending was lame as hell. Then coming to the forum and reading all the stuff cut out, I felt like returning the game to the store saying the game not finishes and it broken. But I didn't because I like to see the full game with cut material, HK Factory and the bug quests added. So I signed the petition (also at 10 000 signed) and hearing about TSL Restoration Project that sounds like great news and hope the mod will have a xbox version, please, please, please! If you need help with making a mod for the xbox I will help. Please let me know what going on (read the forum everyday since I joined)?
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