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  1. http://www.starwarsknights.com/mod_week.php
  2. Carth is glad to hear this project is still going forward. Carth is happy. (w00t)
  3. I bought WOW. Now I just need to wait 3 more weeks to play it.
  4. What is the max height for dwarves in WOW?
  5. About WOW, do the patches auto download or are they manual download?
  6. I have looked at Guild Wars and it's more of a CORPG which isn't what i'm looking for right now.
  7. I can only pay for 1, which 1 should it be?
  8. Mine too. Goodby Obsidian Forums, we hardly knew ye.
  9. Wait all JTL gives you is a shuttle? You cant get a fighter and fly around shooting fighter baddies? What kind of crappy expansion is that? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Here are the ships.
  10. 1 month - $14.99 3 months - $41.99 6 months - $77.99 12 months - $143.99 This is in U.S. dollars.
  11. I'm thinking I might get Star Wars Galaxies:AED and JTL sometime in the next 6 months. How good/bad is the game/games, are they worth buying?
  12. Help us New England Patriots, you're our only hope.
  13. One game down, congrats Eagles. The next game should be great. Go Patriots/Steelers.
  14. In that regard then you don't really play a Jedi either. In the end the Jedi want to take your power also.
  15. Repairing the pazak droid will get you some notice also.
  16. It doesn't matter. By the end of the game I was kicking butt no matter what class I was.
  17. For me it's 1. Brianna the Handmaiden/ Mical the Disciple 2. Visas Marr/ Mira 3. Atton 4. Bao-Dur and the rest in no real order.
  18. I've read that Visas planet wasn't the Miraluka homeworld just a colony world, so there should still be alot left on the Homeworld.
  19. Nar Shadda. I can turn Atton into a Jedi there and I get to pick up 2 party members there, 4 if you count Visis and HK.
  20. Both. They both got punked out by Jedi.
  21. For Mira, when you ask if you can show her the force and she says yes, take her to Nar Shadda to the cantina/pazak den entrance to train her. It's the same spot Kreia taught you to listen to Nar Shadda.
  22. People have told me that melee feats and Lightsaber feats don't affect each other.
  23. Basically, it's completed when the Hutt agrees to send fuel.
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