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  1. "grey jedi" that a good idea there. i like to hear more
  2. go to the czerka dock and talk to the guy behind the desk. then tell us what he says
  3. before the cut scene for the jek jek tar starts put mine on the floor of the bar so when it come to his part with the twin suns, they will just run through the mines. it chep but it works
  4. i think we see malak before he goes to the dark side. when you see him at the temple it is when he is recruting for the war
  5. talk to the merchant on the right side of the entertainment center on Nar Shadaa, then talk to the rodian on the left side of the entertaiment center. you have to talk to them several times and resolve duxan and dantooine main quest before you can get the mod for HK
  6. in the same conversation that you install the chip you take it out after some funny dialog.
  7. from the female rodian after you do the trade war sidequest.
  8. sometime during the conversation with it will let you install it. eg... "[repair] ........"
  9. in the new jedi order book boba fett comes back and help han on a mission without saying he was boba fett.
  10. Yes, I did it today, the game did not even let me go to Korriban. It just told me to go to the enclave and then the J.M. attacked me there. I was also light side master.
  11. just a question you all. why do most of you say that vrook is a sith lord, he is a jedi master. he may have a narrow view of the jedi. just a question on this topic
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