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  1. This is odd, when I played my DS character, I got the message from the Exchange right after the Red Eclipse battle. This time, with my LS character, I'm not getting the message at all, I don't know what else to do. The only thing left to do on Nar Shadaa is to get Mira and kill Visquis. I've already dealt with the exchange in the Refugee Sector, and killed the leader. Is there any specific quest/action I need to preform to get the message to me? Or am I screwed?
  2. Thanks, I just got the last part I needed from Lootra.
  3. This is probably just my own stupidity, but whenever I start a new game, my old saved game gets deleted and I can't use it again.
  4. I was wondering, is there a designated place where you find the lightsaber parts every time you play the game? Last time, I got the last two pieces on Nar Shadaa, one of them is from Visas when you defeat her. The last time I played the game, apparently I had all the parts after I defeated Visas. This time around, Bao-Dur says I'm missing the lens. If there is a designated spot for the lens, could someone tell me where it is? I think I should have the lightsaber by now.
  5. I use the double-bladed saber, currently it's violet. I change it around a lot.
  6. I'm stuck on a certain area of the Ravenger. I've already killed Darth Nihilus and received his mask, and I'm setting the proton cores. One of the mandalorians said one of the cores exploded early. And I need to lay one more. I have to build one, or find another one. And I'm confused on what needs to be done. If I need to find one, where can I find it, and if I need to make one, how / where can I make it?
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