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  1. do you mean in the tomb place or just in the regular cave.
  2. ive been wondering about that ever since that quest stareted i think it was baakel because it shows that armor from her gang if you look close enough but who do you guys think killed her.
  3. What is the koriban glitch for exp i dont really know what to do i know it is something with the hissis. help asap.
  4. after you put vogga to sleep you either sneek up on those guys that are talking in the cantina or the docks with stealth then talk to the bar dude for juma then put in the dish.
  5. the hardest for me is vrook in kotor 2 cause i usually go to datoonie first.
  6. i took me 4 hours 50 mins im on nar shada first planet afte telos. it is pretty easy actually i dont dout it took him 5 hours to get it.
  7. Ok i heard there is a way to get infinate influence with atton by saying let the pro handle this. I m wondering how cause it says i only can ask bao dur for help.
  8. I say datoonie because I can get my lightsaber parts really quickly there. I don't really know where to get them on the other plantets that is why.
  9. Kotor 2s story wasnt as good as kotor 1s but I liked kotor 2 better.
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