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  1. Personally, I use the KSS (download it from starwarsknights.com) since you get to edit practically everything about your game, items including. They included so many great things, but most of the time, you can
  2. At last we will get the game. At last we will have revenge on the Xboxers and tease them that our version isn
  3. Well... could be. But I guess I still like her canon name better. Oh, we almost forgot about Bandon, the useless human clone of Darth Maul!
  4. Darth Pigtails is Bastila. Look closely at her hairstyle and you
  5. Better, Darth pieces of meat <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Naw, it has to be one word. Like this: KotOR I: Darth Amnesiac, Darth Jawless & Darth Pigtails KotOR II: Darth Clownmask, Darth Cracker One more for Darth... well, those who read spoilers know who I mean. Without spoiling anything - it
  6. Cool nickname - reminds me a bit of Darth Pigtails (Bastila). You should make one for Sion, too. Anyway, Nihilis looks cool as always, it should be an enjoyable battle.
  7. I saw an article where they called him "MK-47", so don
  8. This is Atris - the famous mysterious cover girl shown so often as the counterpart of Darth Nihilis. I
  9. Hmm... is peace a goal of the DS? I think not, "Chief of Peace". Most definitely LS. My name meaning is actually alignment neutral: Ariana = Holy Corbett = raven
  10. Ah, he died rather gruesomely, I believe. But then again, so did others in the Silmarillion. If I were to choose a name from Tolkien, I
  11. With only a few days to go until the release of KotOR II and so many threads about what class/gender/alignemnt your character is going to be, the ever-popular question returns - what name will you choose for your PC? Mine will be Ariana Corbett, because of the meaning. Note: Search babynames.com if you
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