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  1. How the hell can you have ranged muscle?? Squeeze that trigger UH. YEAH THATS IT!
  2. Im playin as a DS female, I got my dancers outfit on and my sexy orange lightsaber to go with it. My booty shakes when I run and I have to say, Im looking tasty. Even if my skin looks like its about to fall off...I'd hit it.
  3. I like Miras background and character better but I'd go with Baodur. Theres no job he cant handle and not to mention hes one of the coolest looking characters with horns and the electro-arm and the facial tattoos(if your DS). I still havent trained either of them to become Jedi yet but Im looking forward to seeing what kind of Jedi they make.
  4. I'm playing as a female DS consular and I've saved at level 15. I have a question, would it be totally stupid to choose Sith Maurader as my prestige class at this point?? My strength attribute is like 10 because my first playthrough I was a fully armored dual lightsaber wielding melee maniac with no armor restricted force powers. I am more interested in the story now so I've ditched the dumb goliath role and went for this instead. Now. Will the lightsaber finesse feat help me out or will I still suck?? My dex is decent, I think 17 or so, most of my points went into wisdom. SO, should I stick to my path and go ultimate force wielding Sith Lord with the super duper friggin awesome Force Crush? Or should I totally switch it up and become more balanced. Will my force powers/points/etc be effected by the change? I still want to be able to floor a room of enemies with one force storm in case of emergencies ya kno? If you want to talk about your most effective Exile builds or just general discussion on playing the game with different classes please feel free. I enjoy reading all the variables and this is only my 3rd time playing.
  5. It would have been awesome if with each respose a certain someone gives at the end there was a short 15-30 second clip of what happens to your party. Text based endings were so...90's I want to see my super duper X-Box put to work with a nice fulfilling cinematic closure. Ya know?
  6. Wheres the fun in going solo?? I like the interaction within the party and continuously equipping them with better items. Like in the first game with Canderous and Carth always going at it, you never really got that in this game. IMO your teammates suck in this game. Visas was cool because I maxed out every darkside killing force power and she was a murdering machine. Mandolore was great because I gave him a huge rifle and he could open up a can melee style if he needed to(no dex bonus but he just looks awesome with a big gun and his suit). Handmaiden was decent, I put the best armor on her, two handed lightsaber swinging action, and force powers that werent restricted by armor. My party was overkill with me and Visas both unleashing hell and Handmaiden or Mandalore slicing everyone to shreds. I didnt get Atton to become a Jedi, and I got the gay wookie instead of Mira. How do they compare to the people I just mentioned?? Compared to those three everyone else sucked hardcore.
  7. I don't get it, this game is too too easy. I don't recall dying once through the entire playthrough(Jedi Sentinel/Sith Lord). I might have died at the end but only because there were like 4-5 dark jedi and their attacks all came at once. Force Lightning is cheap as hell, 3 or 4 of those will wipe out an entire room filled with enemies in seconds, most of the time before they even touch you. The only challenging thing in this game was maintaining influence and dark side points on a BROKEN influence system. If KOTOR was a 10 out of 10 this game is a 6. It feels rushed, they used too many settings from the first game, and even worse is that the areas are smaller. I know its been said before but this game IS like an expansion. Whoevers fault it is for the premature release of this game needs to really get it together. Maybe when all the excitement dies down people will finally this game for what is it. A rushed piece of **** that is no where near as enjoyable as the first Knights of the Old Republic.
  8. I just ran around the circle and did force lightning every once in awhile. Or you could run and force crush, both work equally as good. Those lightsabers ate me up whenever I tried to fight them.
  9. I really really really hated the darkside ending. Oh god how I despised that friggin ending. The darkside ending in KOTOR was cool and I walked away feeling like I conquered something with the aided visual but with this Im just like: HUH? THATS IT?? Maybe if they make KOTOR III I'll appreciate it more but GARRR Im angry fluffy bunny, very angry.
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