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  1. interesting poll -- it seems they're both males or females! For me, having only played through both games twice, male then female, light then darkside, I found for me that Revan was a darksider female, and the Exile was male lightsider. However, the beauty of the games is that it feels right any way you roleplay it.
  2. LS male: Bodee Rahk'rr DS female: Ayla Seraph next up: Jahnee Bindo (LS or DS? consular)
  3. Perhaps because the fanart we guys make cannot be posted because it violates the forum age rating? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> lmao Great illustration, btw
  4. mmm...She looks like one of those red-headed hotties in them old cartoons with that Wolf
  5. Now if only the asian dude in KOTOR2 had yer lightsider's looks, instead of the "wave" bangs....
  6. Of course, as long as you gave the PC the choice of throwing him down on the ground, jumping on top of him and saying something along the lines of... "Why don't you just SHOW me, you big strong horny fellow! That's an order, solider!"... I would be perfectly happy with that. You could even fade to black like they did with the whole Basti-kissing thing in KotOR. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> lmao -- Bao-Dur is such a hit with the ladies! damn.
  7. Hehehe, glad you liked it. :D To be a devil's advocate, though, if I made a mix of almost any character, I could probably make it seem like they were heavily important... but I do agree with you that (whether people like Carth or not) he's an important part of the story... at least for people playing off the LS Revan storyline, and people who made Revan LS for the game seem pleased overall with the Carth bonuses scattered throughout it. This game seems to be hinting that the developers favored the LS female story above the other options (with Atton suggesting that Revan was female before you tell him yes/no, how the DS explanation of Revan leaving doesn't work quite as well, and the more fleshed out emotions of the romance), and hopefully whoever makes the 3rd game will build on that and add some closure to it as well. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Eji -- love yer Carth and Atton! They look damn cool.
  8. Kreia is a brilliant character -- I only wish her and Jolee could have met.
  9. for KOTOR III, I simply request that it be expanded upon -- loved it, great addition.
  10. definitely Jolee. In his honor, my 3rd playthrough in KOTOR2 shall be about Jahnee Bindo, bastard child and Jedi Pimpmaster. :cool:
  11. It doesn't depend on the Exile, but what you said Revan was, and did.
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