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  1. I played female character (no love story with her, of course ) Anyway, I agree with you
  2. I find inspiration expecially from things which let me fly away with my imagination...Kotor is a special game, 'cause let me "live" dreams, advenctures and even feelings. These are the things I'm searching into films, books and videogames... Thank you, I hope...but the world of arts is really complicated and even corrupted
  3. I love writing and reading too If you want some comments, impressions, suggestions...Tell me! The length isn't a problem, I often use to print and read in train.
  4. wow thank you very much to everybody :D Thank you for visiting my gallery, I'm going to update it very soon. I'm working on a sketch with Visas and Exile embracing How could you know that? Maby ther's some jedi-power inside you...
  5. A sweet Visas, Looking into her heart, she's falling in love with Exile
  6. I made an armband some time ago to allow modders get the player coordinates in the game. Coordinates are useful when you want to place new stuff in existing or new areas. In kotor 1, we could use the "whereami" cheat code but in Kotor 2, since the cheat console was invisible, we had to find another way to get the coordinates.... The armband can be downloaded here: http://www.starwarsknights.com/tools.php but it is of no use if you don't mod. I simply replaced my original script attached to the armband (d3_getloc.ncs) by a script setting global variables and was able to view the scenes by
  7. Yeah, I don't think that's very good work, I'm learning Thank you all for replies
  8. wow, you are great!!! i love the expression on atton's death.
  9. oh, really nice! and cute!!!
  10. :D Just finished it It's my version of female jedi sentinel exile (my player!) hope you enjoy it post comments!!
  11. I'v just finished my frist fan artwork. She's my version ox the female exile :D Hope you enjoy it Post suggestions!!!
  12. Atton He's simple, nice and a bit funny. I'm so sad that he doesn't speak very much... kotor and the girls= I think this is one of a short list of games thought for us
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