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  1. AFAIK you can't. Also the damaged droid up there is supposed to be used for some sort of puzzle, but every time I try to do anything with him he just walks a few feet away and then explodes. I think a good deal of the game was taken out of that part of the planet.
  2. how did you get level 50??????? I killed EVERYTHING and did every quest and got level 28. Tho only other thing I could have done was have Kreia in group for the xp bonus but I truely doubt that would have given me 22 more levels. So was that a typo or just massive massive expansion on the truth? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There is a tomb in korriban where u can click on a dead jedi and it spawns a few enemies. You can just click on the jedi a bunch of times and then AOE with force lightning and collect thousands of XP a minute. It's very easy (and boring) way to gain levels. I think its posted as the l33t hack or whatever on every game faq website in the known universe
  3. Actually I could care less about what Reven is up to. The part of the game that annoys me to no end is that the history of the Exile and the plot surrounded him isn't really well written and seems to have several incredibly glaring loose ends. While I find KOTOR-2 to be a pretty enjoyable game, I'm not going to kid myself and claim that the writing is as good as the original game. There are a lot of plot holes and areas that seem to be important but never quite go anywhere and alot of things that are just pretty much never resolved or given any kind of closure at all. Don't get me wrong, the things that are in the game are for the most part pretty well done, but there is obviously alot of stuff that is missing and alot of things that were removed from the game (probably due to time constraints due to lucas arts forcing a christmas release). The game itself just doesn't seem nearly as complete as the original one, and thats the area in my estimation where it comes up short.
  4. If I were to hazard a guess then I'd say Zalbarr went back to Kashyyyk to rule his tribe and that Mission went with him. It's just a guess though. As for Jolee and Juhani, I have no idea. It would have been cool to have Jolee in your group pulling you one way while Kreia pulls you the other. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Jolee and Kreia -- what a pair they'd make! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think Jolee would frustrate Kreia until her head exploded.
  5. I would just go on to Sith Lord. The bonuses you get to your force powers are just crazy. Once you go back to Datooine towards the end of the game you get this power called 'Force Crush' and its just waaaaaaaaaaaaay over powered. You'll just have to see for yourself. Litereally nothing in the game was a challenge for me, I don't think I actually swung at anything with my lightsaber for the last half the game. Frankly I think by the time you get to the last part of the game, almost any class combinations you chose are so over powered that it doesn't really matter much. Everything just falls over dead when you look at it.
  6. I could see Juhani pushing up daisys... but Jolee Bindo? No way! The reason why there is no Mission/Zalbaar/Jolee/Juhani in the second game is probably because depending on the ending you got in KOTOR-1 they are either dead or alive. Although I think after your initial conversation with Atton about Reven if you chose Lightside you could possibly infer that they all lived... I dunno, some cameos would have been nice. I bet when the inevitable KOTOR-3 comes out there are going to be some of these guys either mentioned or as playable characters. They damn well better bring Bastilla back ... or they aren't getting any of my money
  7. Mira is definately cuter but Bao-Dur is far more of a badass. Before either one of them becomes a Jedi he is a total monster with his unarmed fighting due to all the special damage bonuses he gets with his special arm. Once they both become jedi its kind of a toss, but Bao-Dur can be much better because he becomes a Jedi Guardian and Mira is a Jedi Sentinel. Eventually he has more feats, more HP and probably more skills than she does (although this depends on how many tech specialist levels he managed to get before he became a jedi). His armor restrictions however are kind of a pain, but I haven't found that it matters too much since he can use master energy resistance even when wearing heavy armor. Plus its a snap for him to whip up shields at the workbench. Oh and how can you forget his remote? Bao-Dur and HK-47 make quite a team, especially if you get HK-47 some weapons with a high critical threat range (and add keen modifiers, I think I ended up giving him a rifle that did 50 pts of damage and had a threat range of 15 to 20!), his assasination feats do massive damage on critical hits and if you've advanced enough Remote will heal him if he takes damage. I mean, I like Mira but her wrist rockets are just not quite that cool. She would win the beauty contest hands down however
  8. Well, I completely agree. The entire end part of the game is incredibly anti-climatic. You can pretty easily beat the last "end game" part that includes the Telos/Ravager sequences and the Malachor V sequences with one lightsaber tied behind your back. For my "dark side" play through I tried to make what I would think would be a *weak* character, all 8's in STR, CON, DEX and jedi consular/sith lord character classes. By the time I got to the second planet I was sodomizing hordes of enemies by just clicking on force lightning. By the time I got force crush at the end of the game, it was a freaking joke. Also that power seems bugged because 2 casts of it will bring down any NPC in the game no matter what. Maybe it's supposed to be that way, but I defeated Sion at the end of the game by just hitting force crush and watching him flop around like an epileptic monkey until he gave up. All in all I thought the final sequence for KOTOR-1 was pretty much superior to the final sequence to KOTOR-2, both in terms of challenge as well as being more, how do I put this... gripping? enthralling? I felt like the assault on the star forge was much more hectic (especially with the waves of enemies coming at you) than the entire end sequence on Malachor V was. I know I'm not the only one who played through the end of the game and went, "Uh.... wtf??"
  9. I believe it happens no matter what. It's part of the story that really bugs me. The death of the masters serves no purpose to further the story, it just seems wierd. Also going back to the jedi enclave as a Dark Sider makes no sense. I killed everyone, I know there is no one there, why do we have the same cut scene, then PAN across an empty room just to get different dialogue from Kreia and the same conclusion. It's really quite retarded. o.o
  10. I really don't understand why he can't wear robes. There like, is no practical explanation for this. Maybe he can't get them over his head because they keep getting stuck on his horns? Does that mean he can only wear button up shirts and no pull overs? Does he ruin hoodies? No seriously... it makes no sense. Personally I wanted a black "robes" type similar to the dark master robes in KOTOR because they look alot like lukes black outfit from ROTJ. I don't really like the look with the long cape, infact I don't even think it was done well enough to justify adding it to the game. Anyway, Bao Dur becomes a Jedi Guardian I believe, so its not like he needs force powers anyway. I generally just give him a double bladed lightsaber and all the strength boosting equipment I can find and the heaviest armor available and let him just chow through stuff. Not like it matters when two casts of force lightning will kill everything on the screen, rofl
  11. The game is O.K. I don't hate it, but I don't love it in the same way I love the original KOTOR. Things about KOTOR that are better than KOTOR-2: 1) KOTOR was slightly more difficult because it wasn't quite as "monty haul" (if people are familiar with that term). 2) The characters were alot more developed in terms of backstory with the exception of T3-M4 who has a much bigger role in KOTOR-2. I actually prefer the KOTOR-2 T3-M4 to the original one, he's very much like your own personal R2D2 in the sequel and it was a great move. 3) The plot was well thought out and easy to follow. One thing I hate about KOTOR-2 is that much of the plot is obscured in dialogue trees that are either obscured, hard to find, or require specific amounts of influence to get. This was a bad idea, I don't feel like having to play through the game several times "influencing" different characters to discover the story of the game was a good choice. 4) Generally much better side quests in the original game. Infact, I can't think of a single 'side quest' in KOTOR-2 that amounted to more than 'fetch the widget' and then 'bring widget to guy'. The Mannan trial from the original game stands out in my mind as a side quest that was really cool and interesting, nothing in KOTOR-2 is on that same level. 5) Bastialla 6) I really miss not having a quest attached to each character like they were in KOTOR-1, it really made you feel like your companions in the game were more than just space taken up on the Ebon Hawk. Infact, the only thing I really like about KOTOR-2 over the original game is the improved workbench and lab stuff, I think thats really neat. Great idea. However, I really hate the random loot code, or atleast I hate how its implemented. I wouldn't mind if there was a mix of stuff you can find that makes sense and then some generally random loot - like if an object is in a Sith tomb, it should draw from Jedi related loot.... instead I find a mandalorian assault armor. Seriously... wtf? I'm not nearly as irrate as some people are, because overall I found the game pretty enjoyable. It is however fairly anti-climatic and overall not same quality of writing as the original KOTOR. I'm not positive that people can blame this solely on the game being "rushed", that I think is an excuse for the technical problems that plague the game. Frankly I just feel that the writers that work for Obsidian are just not quite as creative as the guys Bio-ware has working for them. KOTOR was definately an inspired bit of writing so maybe it would be hard to duplicate that to such a great degree... however it doesn't change the fact that many parts of KOTOR-2 are slapped together rather sloppily and much of the plot is unclear and seems undeveloped.
  12. the worst part of that statement is how true it is. especially if you have the force power 'destroy droid'. two zaps and a lightsaber stroke later, the thing was a smoldering pile of metal. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I just had everyone in the party throw an ion grenade. I can't remember if it lived through that or not, if it did it fell over the next round.
  13. how do i get inot the warehouse.... the driod wont let me..... do i have to do the juma juice thing? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> T3-M4 will go in there automatically when you progress the plot on that planet far enough. You can't miss it.
  14. Yes. You can't complete dantooine without finding him so i wouldn't worry about it. Infact all the 'optional' characters are not really optional, they join no matter what. It's just if you get Handmaiden/Disciple (gender related) or Mira/Hanharr (alignment related).
  15. ROFLMAO. Where does that happen? Do you have to take HK-47 to the Sith Academy? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You just need to get alot of influence with him and then ask him about his previous master, it will bring up some options about Revans allies and one of them is where he does an impersonation of Carth and Bastilla (in their voices of course). The responses you get probably depend on if your Revan was Male or Female (I chose Male hence I got the thing about Bastilla and the cargo hold )
  16. Both of these are correct. He is uninteresting, has very little to say or do, and comes across as a naive twit. I dislike Carth, but he, at least, had something resembling personality. This guy has little to do or say, and what he does say makes you want to smack him. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Dude, Carth is the life of the party compared to Disciple. Every time he opened his mouth to me I wanted to shove him out the airlock.
  17. I liked: Kreia - I thought she was interesting, especially the more of her backstory you get out of her. Ultimately I feel that she is a sympathetic character. She doesn't revel in her fall to the darkside wich I found interesting. Bao-Dur - I liked him alot when I first got him, then realized he had no dialgue options. But really, a great concept. I was hoping to hear more stories out of him about the war. I also liked how he called me General all the time, like a real military man. >< Hanharr - Wookie Fury. 'Nuff said. He's frankly more of a bad ass than my Jedi Guardian/Weapon Master was. Also I find his story interesting, Hanharr isn't bad so much as he hates all humans. I blame Czerka for making him that way. Visas - I liked her at first like Bao Dur then I realized her dialogues went pretty much no where. So much potential just wasted really, but still a cool character. HK-47 - His sarcastic humor is a gem really. Even if he is an evil assasain droid. Did anyone see his impersonation of Bastilla from KOTOR-1? Goes like this, "Oh master! I love you but I despise everything you stand for! Lets go press our mucus covered lips together in the cargo hold!". Priceless. Didn't really care much for: Mandalore - I didn't care much for his other character in the first game either actually. I find him pretty one dimensional and also somewhat delusional. Atton - Didn't really like him too much either, even after hearing all his story and understanding his take on things, he still seems kind of lame to me. If I had to pick a scoundrel I think it would have been Mission from KOTOR-1, she should be about 19 or 20 during KOTOR-2, I wonder what her and Zalbar are up to? (assuming you didn't kill them in KOTOR-1 of course) Handmaiden - She started off cool and then became basically nothing in the game at all. Even opening up all her conversations and turning her into a Jedi still doesn't make her any cooler. She has hot underwear tho. Good for her. Mira - completely undeveloped as a character. It looks like she was supposed to be much more given she has her own little part of the end game againt Hanharr, but ultimately you never really see her again after you enter the last stage of the game. GO-TO - I just don't like this character flat out. Nothing about him is interesting or compelling. He's probably my least favorite. Disciple - Meh, I don't know a single woman who would pick Disciple over Atton any day of the week. My girlfriend was like, "God he's such a wuss". Plus he's kind of annoying to boot. Also I didn't think Atris looked that old, she looks about the same age as the Exile does. I think her 'white' hair might make her seem older to you for some reason, but she obviously doesn't have any wrinkles at all.
  18. Yah I noticed that too, in my dark side play through I wanted to use HK-47 alot (i got him a sweet heavy rifle upgraded to do like 60 pts of dmg, plus a threat range of 15 to 20) so I went around looking for droid parts.... Nothing. Really strange actually
  19. My friend I think you are completely hosed and need to start over. You should be able to access lab station/work bench with 0 repair and computer skill. It doesn't bother to check for bringing up the dialogue, just when you want to create an item. If its been like that for your entire game, then you need a fresh one I think. Also I would recommend posting this problem to the tech support forums. It may be something that you can clear up with a disc change. Atleast hopefully. It's really a shame that this game is so dang buggy and the problem seems to be almost 100% scripting errors. I've ran into a few myself with the scripts that do camera panning, like if you cancel an in engine cutscene that has a camera pan, it somehow doesn't reset some sort of variable they use to keep track of the camera state, so that the next time the camera is supposed to pan... it just hangs there indefinately. I used to write a lot of mods in NWN script, so I think that the scripting they use is very similar, atleast a lot of the bugs I see are ones I've either encountered first hand myself or in other modules for NWN that people wrote. peace
  20. Well ok, first off - Imperialism isn't always bad. It's not very politically correct to say, but on our own planet alot of good things have come about due to imperialism and colonialsim. The biggest obsticle to imperialsm is nationalism, check out Onderon in KOTOR-2. They are part of the glactic senate (under a queen no less, so its a monarchy even! talk about oppressive right??) and they're still not happy. It's not just the General who wants to break away, but a significant portion of the population feels the same way. Is the Republic oppressing the people of this planet? Probably not, but it doesn't matter to many of them. The entire situtation is relative to what people believe. Also, if you're willing to buy into the concept of a benevolent monarchy, then I don't see why its such a far stretch to a benevolent empire. They are basically the same thing, just on a larger scale. And another thing: What makes you think that the Sith want to commit genocide on everyone? Did Revan commit genocide on anyone but the Mandalorians who were attacking the Republic? Did he just go willy nilly blowing up planets for kicks? Even Palpatine from the original movies didn't do this, infact there were quite a few planets that seemed to be getting along just fine under his Empire. The entire conflict was essentially against a bunch of "rebels". Take the rebels out of the picture and I'm pretty sure there wouldn't have been a lot of conflict in that galaxy. Finally, as far as a dictator goes.. Honestly what is the difference in this universe of star wars between pledging your fealty to the 'good' queen of some backwater planet or the emperor of the galaxy. You're just trading one type of dictator for another, so essentially its just the same. Well actually thats just your perspective of what evil is, in the game we play there are several people who know full well both sides of the story and still do not think that the Sith are evil and the Jedi are good. And frankly, I doubt very much that most people would care. In a galaxy that is inhabited by countless trillians of sentient life forms there is probably never more than a few thousand each of jedi or sith walking around. The vast, vast majority of the population is never going to personally run into one of these folks, yet they are going to constantly suffer as the result of their religious in-fighting. And frankly I'm not convinced that there is some sort of Sith play-book laying around that states that if there are no Jedi around to fight that they must start randomly obliterating planets for kicks. If anything, the Sith are more likely to turn on each other due to their philisophical teachings. Infact, I'm not even sure they really care to actually rule the galaxy. It seems to me that its more of a means to an end, that is: accumulate as much power as you can so that you can eliminate your enemies. Also, once you control everything why would you destroy it? Revan didn't randomly destroy things, infact in the game its commented on that he left quite a bit of the Republic infrastructure intact. And why wouldn't he? He wanted to rule the Republic, not destroy it. Please don't take this as a slam, but I think you're idea that just because someone is evil or good means that they are going to be bad or good at running a government is kind of naive. Just take General Valktu from KOTOR-2 as an example. He's evil, he allied himself with the Sith, he's trying to ursurp the throne from the rightful ruler - but still, his reasons for doing it are two fold: Sure he wants the power of being the ruler, but he honestly believes that he can do a better job than Queen Talia - and a significant portion of the population of his planet agrees! Him and Colonel Tobin are actually patriots, even if they are power hungry. If you play the Dark side campaign through, then you get to help him betray the Sith because he realizes that owing his alleigence to them not only would hamper his future plans for Onderon but would be a bad thing for his people. The dude is definately evil, but even evil people occasionally care about their own civilizations Heck on the Ravager at the end, you can convince Tobin to sacrifice himself to set off the bombs on the ship so that Onderon can be spared from Nihilus. There is no doubt that Tobin is 'evil' in the classical sense, yet still he would give his life for his nation. Does that mean he is both good and evil? I don't think so... I think it just shows that evil people can sometimes do something good. There are definately different kinds of evil both in the game and in real life. Malak personifies a type of sociopathic evil that wants to cruelly destroy everything while Darth Revan personifies a strategic cunning evil that wants to control everything because he honestly thinks he's the best man for the job. In his mind what he is doing isn't evil, its actually good... and necessary to save the Republic. And he may even be right o.O
  21. Well frankly it comes down to what you would consider a 'good' or 'bad' ruler. I think GO-TO being an artificial intelligence has the perfect view on this matter. To him it matters not if the Sith or the Jedi are victorious, he only cares that the Republic is stable. It's quite obvious that the Sith are capable of running an effective government. Heck during the original Star Wars trilogy the Sith are running the Empire (former Republic) and doing a pretty good job of it. The thing that makes them evil isn't because they are going around and murdering innocents all the time, its because they will go to any lengths to win. They have no moral limitations on what they will do to maintain power. Imagine if the Rebel alliance was gone from the original star wars movies and it was just the Empire. Would they have built the death star? What would be the need for it? What do Sith and Jedi do when they are not fighting each other? I think GO-TO had it right for the most part, the fighting between the Jedi and the Sith is a religious conflict. It matters not to him (or the majority of the sentients in the galaxy) who wins, only that one of them does so that the fighting stops. You need to stop seeing things from the perspective of either the jedi or the sith and see them from the perspective of the normal 'non force sensitive' person. The ideology of the Sith isn't necessarily one that is going to impact the lives of people who are not force sensitive, they will just go merrily on their way. The only people who really care are the entrenched power bases (The Republic) and the Jedi who are ideologically opposed to the Sith.
  22. I think it is entirely possible that Revan did both. He did fall to the Dark Side, that much is evident because afterall he was the Dark Lord of Sith. That fact is not debatable However, the question is did he choose to fall? If he did, then it could be construed as a sacrifice. Think of it this way: Many of the Villains we see in games these days are much like Malak from KOTOR-1, that is, brutish thugs consumed only with power. They are also very short sighted and quite possible inept at doing anything with their power once they have crushed all their enemies. That doesn't mean that all villains have to be that way. A Villain has a home too right? To the Dark Revan perhaps the Republic is his home then? Sure he wants to run it, but only because he knows that he alone has what it takes to do the job right. Only he can see the dangers that lay ahead and only he can prepare the Republic for what it will take to be victorious. Perhaps the reason for Revans fall wasn't a thirst for power exactly, but extreme arrogance? Mandalore/Canderous sort of hits on this when he asks you what it would have been like if the Mandalorians had won the war. That is, would the Republic actually be better off or worse off? He has a persuasive argument that the Republic would have been stronger.... and indeed, if Revan had conquered the Republic, then perhaps it would have been even stronger still. An Evil ruler can still be a good ruler, it depends mostly on the thrust of his evil. For Darth Revan it would have been his desire to do anything and sacrifice anything for the sake of 'saving the republic'. That kind of ruthlessness is a type of evil no doubt, however it is also a type of evil that would probably have little to no effect on the lives of the trillians of inhabitants of the Republic. Hence, its entirely possible that a Darth Revan would have been a mostly benevolent ruler of his galactic dominion. Wierd huh?
  23. Ok, this will probably qualify me for uber nerd sainthood someday, but I played through KOTOR 2 a few times as a character with high intelligence, wisdom, charisma and persuade skills as well as concentrating on trying to get as many dialogues with all the characters as possible by maximizing influence with them. In any regards, I have come up with a few salient points about the plot that I feel are pretty firm. That is, not much conjecture on my part. Of course since I have my own opinions on events that happened or are revealed in the course of the game I may put forth my own interpretation, but I'll try to keep the facts prominent and my opinions towards the end. All that being said, here are a few things that I've managed to collect about various people in the game as well as backstory: The Exile - The Exile was a General in Revans fleet during the Mandalorian wars. He is also responsible for giving the orders to put into action a sort of doomsday device called the 'Mass Shadow Generator'. This device killed alot of people, both Mandalorians and Republic forces. - The Exile was never very strong with the force prior to the battle of Malachor V or even up until you actually take control of the PC. In a flashback between two Masters (Vrook and Zandar ? ) they comment on how The Exile is a medocre student of the force, but for some reason the other students follow his lead. It is espoused that this is 'natural leadership' abilities - This is partly true, but also there is more to this.... - The Exile has an ability to form force bonds. This is quite possibly his only real major 'force talent'. These bonds allow him to influence people quite easily, but also allow him to feel some of their emotions and pain. In a conversation with HK-47 it is revealed that Revan knew of this ability in the Exile and to some degree even pitied him. The exact reason why is not known and its possible that the pity part is pure conjecture on the part of HK-47. Assassain Droids are not known for being impartial bringers of the truth - During the battle of Malachor V the mass deaths of Jedi, Republic and Mandalorian soldiers to the mass shadow generator created what is constantly refered to as an 'echo in the force'. The entire 'echo in the force' theme is very prominent through the entire game and if you do not pay attention to it, you miss quite a bit of the story. For some reason that is not fully explained The Exiles ability to form force bonds allows him to 'listen' to this echo and the sound of the countless casualities at Malachor V was so intense that in order for him to survive, he subconciously cut himself off from the force. Frankly, don't believe a single word that Kreia says to you at the beginning of the game about how you were cut off from the force. She is only intent on blaming the Jedi Council for this act because she wants to see them brought low. - Through the act of cutting him/herself off from the Force, the Exile is very unique. Kreia supposes that the people do not use the force, but the force uses them. To her the force is a form of slavery. Hence her interest in the Exile. When she looks at him and sees the 'death of the force', I think quite literally what she means is the death of the forces control over people. There is more about this when I talk about Kreia. - When the other Jedi look at the Exile and see a 'wound in the force', what they are observing is actually something I like to think of as 'the force in reverse'. Instead of the force flowing through the Exile, it instead is being consumed by him. The Exile is very much a different version of Darth Nihilus, in that they both have the ability to absorb the Force from other living things. Darth Nihilus is obviously consumed by his hunger, and it eventually leads to his downfall (does this portend things to come for the Exile?). There is more of this when I talk about Darth Nihilus in particular. - Depending on if you play light side or dark side KOTOR 2, you will see different scenes or exposition about the Exile's force consuming abilities, but it basically amounts to this: As an explanation of why the Exile keeps getting stronger and stronger the more foes he kills, the reason why is because he is absorbing their Force and making it his own. As a dark-sider you see him literally do this to the Jedi Masters he defeats, and as a light-sider this is expounded upon by Master Vrook in the final confrontation with the Jedi Masters on Dantooine. It's quite funny to think about it, but even though the Jedi seem like they are 'betraying' the Exile, in actuality they are not . There is a little subtle difference between the light-side Exile and the dark-side Darth Nihilus and that is basically what amounts to 'good intentions'. And as we all know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions... Darth Nihilus probably started out like The Exile as well, consuming a little bit of force here and there from people he slew, eventually working his way up to entire planets. Also remember that by the time Darth Nihilus is wiping out Visas race, he essentially has no control left. he needs to feed on these people. The Jedi masters quite possibly see the same end in store for the Exile. Not quite the betrayal it seems when you look at it that way eh? Kreia/Darth Traya - Kreia is a manipulative bitch. Everyone pretty much agrees on this, the thing is not many people delve deeply into why she is that way. Part of it is because of her obvious Sith teachings, but also another big part of it is that she is playing a huge game against not only the PC, the Sith Lords and the Jedi Council but also against the force itself. To her the Force is not just a tool that Jedi and Sith use for opposing purposes, but the Sith and Jedi are tools of the force that it uses to achieve a sort of 'balance' in the universe. During the final battle with the PC on Malachor V she admits that to the Exile that 'you are beautiful to me, for in you I see the death of the force'. She also laments on how the force controls people and uses the Sith and Jedi as pawns. - Kreia strangely enough is also a very sympathetic character if you take the time to delve into her motivations. Observe the conversation she has with Atris before the PC's final visit to her - she laments that its a terrible thing to fall, and even more terrible to admit it. This alone should set off warning bells for people. When was the last time you ever heard of a Sith Lord lamenting their fall? Even acknowledging that it was a terrible thing? Play over the conversation in your head (if you've completed the game) between you and Kreia's Darth Traya aspect - not once does she say something like "behold the power of the dark side" or "the dark side is power" or any of that nonsense. The reason is because Kreia doesn't see it that way, she says flat out that the force holds Jedi and Sith in slavery (in her opinon). - If you go back to an earlier conversation with Kreia about the Mandalorian wars, she asks you something to the effect of "how come it was so easy for Revan to turn Jedi to the dark side?" and asks you where he got these teachings. None of the answers you give her are satsifactory, but thats because in Kreia's head she already knows the answer - The force, not Revan or the Sith turned these Jedi. That is why she is so bloody interested in the PC. To her there is one question that needs to be answered, that is: Did this Jedi turn from the force because he resisted the fall to the dark side, or did he turn from the force because he was too weak or afraid? Remember the PC is the only Jedi to return from the Mandalorian wars not a Sith. That is a pretty impressive acomplishment, and to Kreia it is essentially the puzzles that consumes her life. - Another thing about Kreia is that she is a fatalist. She laments her fall, she does not bask in the power of the Dark side, she feels as if she is a pawn to the Force - but instead of rebelling against it outwardly, she embraces her fate and her role. Remember Kreia is Darth Traya the Betrayer. Throughout the game she betrays several people, but these are just pawns for the big set up - the thing she is trying hard to 'betray' is the force itself. If Kreia believes herself to be a slave to the Force (and by all indications she says as much during her final scenes), then what could be considered the ultimate act of betrayal but to betray her master? If the force is the source of the sith teachings and Kreia as Darth Treya is the ultimate aspect of the teaching of Betrayal, then what greater act could signify the acomplishment of pure betrayal than betraying the force itself? Sort of a doozy to wrap your head around, but think of it this way: Kreia think she is a slave to the force, her way of 'freeing' herself from this slavery was to submit to it and embrace her lesson of betrayal - commiting the ultimate betrayal of course against the force, which holds her in slavery. Darth Nihilus - Ok I do have to admit that Nihilus is a bit of an enigma, we don't really know much about him except for a few things: 1) He feeds off the force, 2) The more he feeds the stronger he becomes, 3) The stronger he becomes the more he needs to feed to sustain his existance. That basically sums up what we know about this character, so I'm going to have to jump into the realm of conjecture to explain his role in the game. - First off, he's not the foil. One thing thats wierd about this game is that there is no real foil for the character. There is no clear cut arch nemesis. Even Kreia isn't really your enemy. Nihilus sends Visas to you, but why doesn't he come after you himself? He could quite easily destroy the entire planet the PC is galavanting around on. Even Sion doesn't really care much to chase you down, he's too busy looking for Jedi masters to destroy. Kreia is the closest you can come to a true foil in this game, but even then she really doesn't desire the death of the character. So what is Nihilus' deal? - This is pure conjecture on my part, but to me it seems that Nihlus is a cautionary tale. He essentially has the same ability that the PC has, that is the ability to absorb the force from things he kills. However by the time you finally face him, he is not the all powerful being he at first seems. Infact, he is quite weak. He's a creature that just consumes and consumes and has essentially eaten up all his food supply. In Nihilus you can glimpse a bit of the PC's future, or possible future if his abilties are left unchecked. The potential is there, its expounded upon by both the Jedi Council and Kreia. Perhaps this is the reason why Nihlus is masked and doesn't speak in basic? I wonder if the writers wanted him to be some what un-personified so that he existed more as a concept instead of an actual enemy. Sadly there is so little exposition about Nihilus' motives and desires (other than consuming all life) that we're left to just openly speculate. - Why does Nihilus send Visas after the PC? Is it to spy on him and learn how he manages his force draining abilities without being a slave to it? Is it to help him 'grow' so that she can bring the PC before him for a super-sized force meal? Honestly I don't know. If anyone can uncover some dialogue in the game about this guys motives please share it with us. Frankly I almost wonder if Nihilus and Sion are not just stooges. Basically macguffins used by Kreia to back the PC into a corner. That certainly would fit into her methodology. Infact, perhaps the entire being exiled by the Sith thing was part of her plan all along? Anyway, I think that covers most of the major plot of the game. There are minor plots with the various allies and other characters in the universe, but the majority of the story revolves around Kreia and her manipulations to bring about the death of the force through the PC. I do with that several characters had been fleshed out some more, like Nihlus and Sion (they serve almost no purpose to push the plot along, infact you could take out the entire ravager scene from the game and it would still make sense). Also as far as I can tell there are no direct references to what Reven really is doing beyond the outer rim. The only thing that comes close is a vague reference that the true sith lay somewhere out there, also it is some what hinted at that the Mandalorian war was set into motion by these 'true sith'. Perhaps Revan, being the brilliant strategist that he is, brought about the Jedi Civil war in an attempt to consolidate Republic power against this real threat. GO-To mentions that Revan, unlike Malak, actually kept key worlds intact during his campaign of conquest to serve as ship yards and resupply ports. Anyone here willing to bet me 10 bucks that KOTOR-3 has Revan leading the Mandalorians against the Sith beyond the outer rim? grin
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