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  1. yeah, its pretty damn wierd.
  2. My friends and I have always made stick figure comics since sixth grade. Wed have fun making up missions and parodies and crap, but one day, my friends made up a simple strategy game that had no rules, just stick figures killin eachother with guns and grenades. I thought it was pretty cool, so I expanded on the idea, making a sorta turn based strategy game with alot of wierd quirks. Weve been playing it for 2 years since 7th grade. Basically, wed design realalistic, side-scroll-ish maps in pen, mostly symetrical, and then wed make starting points and start with 3 men each in pencil. An infantryman, with a pistol that could only shoot up to 5 inches, and 2 grenades, a gunner, with a machine gun that could shoot 2 times in one turn up to 3 inches, with 1 grenade, and a sniper, who could shoot over the whole map, and through one surface. Snipers are powerful, so its limit 1 at all times for each team. Besides that, its get shot, get killed, get a new man every 2 turns. All the men are stick figures, distinguishable by their gun, and they could move a reasonable distance in one turn. add an objective like plant a bomb with a timer of 2 turns, and you have a fun game. It passes time in school, and its very fun, due to its mostly pointless nature. The game design is very flexible, so its easy to make up different rules all the time and experiment. Sometimes, we add medic units, sometimes, we add dual wielding (basically 2 type of soiders in 1), sometimes, we add body shields (Dead bodies wouldnt be erased and could be used as shields for 1 extra hit. Its all up to whoever makes the game.
  3. It couldn't be possible that Nhilus was Revan. Kreia speaks as if Revan was alive and well at the end of the game, besides, those who fnished KOTOR I know that Revan still lived after Malachor V, at least another five years, uncorrupted. Nhilus was just a man, like the exile, like a mirror reflection. Nhilus is what the Exile is condemned to become, unless he deafenes himself again, like the Jedi masters had planned. Besides, Revan's dark side "Darth" name was *Surprise*, Darth Revan, not Darth Nhilus. Ohh ya, and am I the nly one wo knows Revan as a She?
  4. Liked [Visas Marr] Once I defeated her and got her in my party, she just seemed like such a cool character. Plus, she was the first Character that I made a Lightsider. [Handmaiden] She provided some cool bonuses from training and I also was able to turn her into a Jedi before anyone else. [Mira] She kicked ass in ranged combat, devastating the opposition with her Mandalorian pistols, rapid shot, and knight speed. [bao Dur] He made me feel more kickass calling me general all the time. Plus, he was LOADED with skill points. Disliked [Hk-47] He just isn't mysterious anymore. No more upgrades to do, no more old stories. No more groundbreaking revalation. He had barely anything interesting to say this time through. [Kreia] I had so much influence on her, but she JUST WOULDN'T GO LIGHTSIDE. [G0-T0] I hated him. Hes an ugly floating thing on the Ebon Hawk. Thats all he was. [Atton] He was funny, I don't hate him, just he never had anything to say, just "Lets play Pazzack". [T3-M4] Just like Atton, Nothing aginst him, just nothing to say, cept "Be Dreet Oop." [Han-Harr] Who cares about a Life Debt? [Mandalore] He was ok, just for some reason, he didn't intrest me this time through.
  5. With two pistols, rapid shot is devastating. Power shot is bascally power blast, and Sniper being Critical.
  6. The two most popuar theories is that her eyes ae gray with no pupil or anything, or that in place of her eyes are just skin sockets
  7. No, wait a tresup(sp) with kreia, visas and jolee. Jolee's a sugar-daddy!! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> *Backs away slowly* "
  8. No offense, but this was their creation, I just discovered that Visas is also a female love intrest and they go off into "Kinky crusty Bi Sith" phase.
  9. Do you mean you acquired the parts for the lightsaber? Because I think it's impossible to get her lightsaber. She clearly says that you destroy it in the combat. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That is only if you dont have all the lightsaber parts on you.
  10. Mine was a double hilt blade, silver. I was really lucky, found the crystal at telos on the duros merchant. <_<
  11. I will post in defense of K2. First of all, the "hole in the Force" is another way of saying that the Exile is a wound in the Force. It makes sense, really. He's killed so many people that all their lives lost left a gap in life itself. The Force is life. There was a gap in the Force; a wound. Secondly, the Force bond was faked. Kreia led you to believe that your Force bond would be likely to endanger both lives. She did this so you would not have thoughts of killing her--because it would be killing yourself. That's why none of the Jedi Masters knew of such extreme bonds. They don't exist!!! Lastly, blame Lucasarts, not Obsidian. They set an early deadline. Only 18 months where as Bioware had 3 years. WTF?!! I just want to convince those who hate KOTOR2 to look at it from a different angle. Look how much Obsidian accomplished in 18 months! Over 30+ hours of gameplay. I personally thought K2 was equal to K1, if not greater. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That just sounds so wierd, "Force is Life."
  12. 1st time through the game: LS Weaponsmaster Lightsaber: 13-54 or something like that <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Single Blade or Double?
  13. That's some heavy stuff, now i gotta load up my ol' KOTOR disc.
  14. So who was the Exile to you? Was it a he or she? Did the exile serve for good or evil? What blade did they wield? Describe them here!
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