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  1. I dictate to you that you are a moron.
  2. And when you get force heal, no worries at all. TripleRRR <{POST_SNAPBACK}> yeah, i had me, jolee, juhani, and bastilla all have force heal.
  3. What, you pick Davik of the clothing. Only Calo Nord escaped with his life. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> it could happen
  4. Davik, i hope they put him in the sequal (he escaped taris, just watch)
  5. i would like to see some kind of weight system and visable carrying so-to-speak, but i doubt it is added. i was hoping to actually use the storage compartments on the ebon hawk.
  6. buy a new one or go outside
  7. i never used the transit system to heal. i used medpacks.
  8. id like to see dantooine, i hope there are spots that arnt destroyed though.
  9. can you tell us anything about the new minigames, like how many there will be?
  10. dude, this may be off topic, but what the hell is your sig suppose to mean. i private messaged you about it, but your ignoreing me.
  11. jolee gotta be on this poll, he was the best character on the game in my opinion
  12. didnt you leave? it was nice before you started making a bunch of topics on the suggestions again.
  13. we should be able to kill him, a nice little minigame or maybe run into him on telos and kill him.
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