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    Some unknown world routing the troops of chaos with my brethen ultra marines...
  1. here's there answer they will give you XboX'ers....silence = NO!!! just so ou know i have a xbox to but just decided to wait for the pc version because they can patch it....
  2. kinda reminds me of howerd hughs...
  3. or not...just use bittorrent....
  4. do you know how to animate....use fireworks if you have it.
  5. very true....nurb needs to face reality in general about starwars...
  6. you and me both...i'd like mine to look like fallout tactics style...mmmm...powerarmor
  7. technology is magic....
  8. you knew that there was no multi...and was just trolling. so of coarse we could bash your post... and you are blind kotor 2 does support multi....you just have to make it on your own....mmmm...coding
  9. i have it too...i play mechassualt 2 and halo 2.
  10. i merged with helios just because i was out of ammo and didn't want to run around anymore...well the first time.
  11. yes, the people who say no are lying. it even says multiplayer in the game menu...are you blind....
  12. its fun...its like a mech game that is more arcade style... plus now you can leave your screwed mech behind and jack a new one...adds alot of replayiblity.
  13. cracks are wonderful for us lazy people...besides sometimes the game runs better with a crack.
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