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  1. If you replay it backwards you can understand it IIRC.
  2. The Chiss barman is the funniest of them all. He ignores Kyle until he pulls out his lightsaber and then what follows is the best dialogue in the game
  3. Consular or Sentinel. Guardians lose their power in K2.
  4. Imperial Stardestroyer/Super Star Destroyer from the OT Harbinger class ships from K1/K2 Leviathan class ships from K1/K2
  5. Although French isn't my native language, here goes: Bonjour, Feargus. Joyeux anniversaire! J'espere que votre famille est contente aussi.
  6. I don't know about Redemption as I haven't read it yet, but pretty much all aspects of the comic series are flawed. Villian: Predictable; Exar Kun, jedi, led to be a dark lord of the sith, challenges and kills master, loses in the end. Hero: Perfect; Nomi Sunrider, Jedi warrior with no flaws, etc. Plot: Horrible; Exar plans to dominate the galaxy using Sith magic. In short no plot at all. And have a series of small skirmishes that's labeled as "war". In short, they suck.
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