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  1. http://www.break.com/movies/patiencechild.html
  2. I think you need the "Sex Panther cologne" for that
  3. Awwwww I thought It was a thread on cars :">
  4. Yep im afriad that was the same with me
  5. X Men Legends 2... But it does not seem long enough, or hard enough for that matter
  6. Mojo


    I have three Two on my right arm, and one on my left. I am also planing to have the name of my first born on my back(across my shoulders) when the time arises.
  7. What calibre is it 5.56 or 7.62?
  8. Shame... I dont think we will ever see a third KoTOR now, the series is dead and buried
  9. 0... Couldn't be bothered adding it all up.
  10. How did you get 116 posts in two days.... Dont get out much do you
  11. I consider you to be an idiot...
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