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  1. I thought the new Steam version was supposed to support widescreen without additional work. I only see 900p max in the game options. I need 1440p. Plus, the mouse pointer is offset from the screen, so I can't click on the buttons. I created a post on Steam support, but no response yet. What does it take to get this working? Update: Disable DPI scaling on the property sheet for the game executable. Thanks to avatar.zero @ steam.
  2. Nevermind! I found it. It's not THE handmaiden you have to ask, but one of the others. (BTW, why is there no Edit button for the original post?)
  3. I'm at the Academy on Telos 1st visit. After coming to the training room and talking to Handmaiden, I can't find the option to initiate the sparring matches. I'm playing as a LS female consular this time. TSLRCM is installed. Any ideas on how to get the training matches?
  4. I went thru the Sith Academy to get the charges. Before using them on Uthar's door, I saved and doubled the quantity pl_thorium. The charges appeared in the inventory just below the other plot item, the sonic imprint sensor, quantity two. However, after using one of the charges on the door, there were NO Thorium charges in the inventory <_< . I reloaded, confirmed the two charges were back in the inventory, then finished the Academy and went to Dxun without doing the Sith Cave. On Dxun, I went to the first cache and used one of the Thorium charges on the door. In this case, the
  5. Sarge, that's a GREAT idea. I know you can't add "plot" items (pl_xxx) using KSE, but once one is in inventory, perhaps it'll work to bump the quantity. Brilliant. Now why didn't I think of that? I'm going to go home and visit Korriban to see if this works. I'll let you know.
  6. I know I can get charges on Dantooine if I replay the game, but I've already finished Dant. and don't want to replay it. Akkere now just shows his wares which don't include Thorium. All the walkthroughs I've read say the charges are only on Dant. (Akkere) and Korriban -- no mention of a source of Thorium charges on Dxun. Unless anyone can confirm a source on Dxun, I'm back to the issue of how to hack using KSE to get a second set of charges.
  7. Right, but you need those to blow the door to Uthar's room on Korriban. I need the extra charge to blow open the first cache on Duxn. Without the charges from Akkere, there's no way to open that cache as well as Uthar's room.
  8. As above, plus, after the 3rd duel, tell her to get dressed, then comment on her special robe and get her to talk about her mom.
  9. I've played through the game once, now playing it again. The merchant on Dant. didn't offer me the thorium, and I didn't know how to get it -- already finished Dant. so don't want to replay it a 3rd time. I really want to see both the locked room on Korriban as well as the cache on Duxn, so I crave an extra set of charges. Any way to hack a saved game with KSE so I can get an extra set? Maybe reopen the dialog with the Dant. guy?
  10. Ya, in KotOR1 I mastered Flurry, Speed and a few LS powers for my PC, and followed the guide for the NPCs. I never bothered to learn the D&D point systems, so I would prefer an explicit guide to leveling up the NPCs, e.g., "At level 6, give Keira xyz". Guess if none is available I'll make do. Wis and Cha seem to be best for maxing force powers, iirc. Not sure what's best for skills, or attribs for non-jedi NPCs. Thanks for the suggestions.
  11. I like the story and gameplay, but I don't enjoy having to figure out the best options for building each NPC. In KOTOR1, I used this guide, which claimed to produce better NPCs than the Auto Levelup. Does anyone know of a similar guide for KOTOR2?
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