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  1. Not sure if this has been answered or not... But the Leviathon is a Star Forge Design, but the Ravager is a Republic vessel (dragged from the gravity well of Malachor V)
  2. Kelly Hu... My life for hers... Or her entry ramp that is
  3. Go into the SWKOTOR.ini in the game folder and at the bottom of gamplay or something gamedata, whatever (im drunk so dont expect to find this easy) Add the line cheats (whatever it was for kotor1) The u can cycle from lightside to darkside mastery in 1 move But yes you can change, the face changes everytime there is a shift
  4. They will end up looking like.... KREIA! *shudders*
  5. DS look is fully sufficient for most player faces... Hair and features change almost completely, especially for "personal Jesus" LS gets more complextion for their characters (blushes cheeks and such)
  6. *sigh* As usual ive tried searching for his homepage and its given me nothing but K2 reviews... any chance of providing a linky?
  7. Holy... cow... Alexia when did you get back?
  8. Its nice to talk to people from before the game was released >.< /Point-At Noobies
  9. Feargus has been hanging around posting alot... so im guessing thats his little way of telling us that.... WE RULE :D
  10. If you pay real close attention you can hear these people all over :D P.S Have you noticed how everyone who was on the forum before it was released understood the game? Even if they like giving un-constructive opinions Even Hades (w00t)
  11. The force can control you actions (blaster deflection). Other than that all of those statements seem very truthful... EXCEPT... The Exile is not controlled by the force Even the Jedi masters understand this: "The future is never certain, and he cuts like a blade through it". Face it... the guy is a walking Paradox, being the sole thing (aside from Nihilis) that isnt controlled by Life and Death
  12. Only person that has been able to disguise themself on such a scale is Palpatine
  13. His "wound" in the force was an act of self harm (to an extent to save himself), though unintentional. When all the lives on Malachor V were extinguished by the Mass Shadow Generator and the planet itself died, the Exile heard all the lives being extinguised through the force and couldnt take it anymore. The only way he survived it was defening himself to the force, he couldnt stand the sound so he cut himself off from it (once again he did this by accident, not consciously). Being near such death must cause serious mental trauma and i can imagine without being able to sense them (as he has been able to since practically a child) made him reclusive and not very eager to "hang out" with them. So to speak. It is stated he wandered the Rim worls and even travelled beyond Republic space (edge of the known Galaxy). Since other than the speculation of K3 the only thing i know about that section of space in the Star Wars universe is a species called the Sssiruuk and they definatly wont play a part of this story... Personally i like to think he just became a traveller... never staying in one place and constantly on the move... in a conversation with Bao Dur you have the option to say that you did what he did after he says he travelled for a while. Well thats my 2 cents...
  14. It was explained sometime during the game that Bastilla left the Jedi Order (LS) so that would explain why Nihilis could not sense her, if she doesnt use her connection to the force, it weakens (Kyle Katarn) Nice guess Phantom =/
  15. I always was under the DS impression that Bastilla was Revans Sith Apprentice, and the rest is lust and the Sith Teachings? LS is exactly the same as what you were thinking Thr Great Phantom
  16. The way conoles are designed they will never be as good as a PC... And if you compare the X-Box2 to a PC then im simply going to call you a muppet... as it IS a PC <_<
  17. Yup, i always roleplay a completely different guy... otherwise your missing out of half the story sometimes... (not to mention your only viewing 1/5 of the possible text options )
  18. Its only a sensitive discussion because people choose the same conversation points on their different play-throughs... She explains fully why she taught you and followed you at the final battle and if you have played it LS (male + female) + DS (male + female) then that question should make sense. (yes im calling all those that say the main plot is FUBAR eejuts )
  19. Did Kreia teach you all nothing? He was there, but the echo's he sent through the force were still meeting an end
  20. I would glady help moderate this forum if it would help keep it open!
  21. Revan went to unkown space to fight the 'True Enemy', speculated to be the Sith Empire. Mythic? Not the Ebon Hawk thats for sure... the Exile drifted past known space during his Exile and picked it up there. Revan was in unkown space so he probably dumped it... if he no longer needed it? (this is explained in game) Hope this has helped... for some reason i understand this story more than most so if you have any questsions feel free to ask
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