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  1. Lower the difficulty to Easy... blow the door open or whatever... then move it back up to Difficult... this lowers the required skill use
  2. Im suprised it beat WoW... Very impressed...
  3. Personally ive played the game every conclusion now... and it makes sense... Am i weird or do i just have the mental capacity to accept such occurances in a science fiction game? <_< /rant-over
  4. The in-game sound was Dolby 5.1.... Meh so what the music came from all directions the same... its not like i wanna be hearing violins behind me rather than voices <_<
  5. Revan would of been brought to his knee's by Nihilis... Only reason the Exile did it was because the wound in the force made Nihilis weak, as he attempted to drain the Exile, only weakenening him further... Nihilis would of drained Revan like a bitch
  6. The Dev's originally said that the final Sith Lord would be like some sort of fairy tale evil person (dont comment on my vagueness im drunk). Im guessing it was either old bitch kreia or this person... old bitch won
  7. Then they are medical immpossiblities... the geno for Head-tails and no head-tails would clearly be not compatable... Also the pigments such as red in the skin wouldnt work in a human Chromosome... so dont get picky about science
  8. Can you make a wolfman by screwing a wolf? No? Because your sperm wont fertilise that egg... Perhaps its the same with Twekkies?
  9. Twi'leks speak Ryl Hutt's speak Huttese Humans speak Basic or whatever... Sullustians speak Sulluste and so on...
  10. Well dont you all feel that slight burning sensation now? Its called embarassment / failure :|
  11. Perhaps you should tell him what platform your on... Im on PC and didnt encounter any bug worth mentioning... Loved the game... So really it depends on certain factors
  12. 4) Handmaiden is not a degrading description of females. She is a very disciplined individual that is very responsible. I'm sorry if you're offended by what she wears when you duel with her, but perhaps you should grow up and mature a little bit? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> This also shows how completely ... well whatever you are. Handmaiden was Independant from the PC and only unless you had full influence did she even show signs of emotion. It was her races culture to spar like that so do not blame Obsidian for Echani (Lucas) Rituals. Secondly if you want to talk about degrading females perhaps you werent so shocked about Visas submitting fully to you without much effort? This is a stupid discussion... why am i even bothering? (p.s no witty remarks why i did bother please Volourn )
  13. Buttfacepoop as you can see im not the only one that can sense that there has been little to no research gone into this topic...
  14. *sigh* If it werent for the moderators i would slap you to high heaven for not researching half your points before you popped off at your mouth <_<
  15. Would be fantastc! However you will learn the hate of a developer as there will always people that dont appreciate your work
  16. Your character wouldnt even have force powers if it werent for his companions... once again someone doesnt understand the story...
  17. You wont be able to return a game you have finished... Thats like me buying a book from th store... finishing it then getting my money back... use a little common sense
  18. You're not mistaken. Same game engine. And that only puzzles me the more. How can the same game engine look/run worse after one year of work and tweaking? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Does no one read my posts? Crist, .... Yes, they tweeked the engine, but not for graphical improvements. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> /comfort Grandpa For all the new'ish people to the forum Back in development then it was explained that due to the features they put in such as flowing cloaks and weather effects... AA improvements and such, the game engine was losing memory towards the end. If you go back to KotOR1 i think you will find hardly anything has changed as well but if there is a difference. I blame it on the game engine not being able to cope with any more improvements and therefore they took some shadowing effects out, you would be suprised how much that makes a difference. Another thing could be mind over matter... if you have played a game like Doom 3 or Half-Life 2 since you last played K1 it may seem like the graphics are worse... this is not the case
  19. Lol difference is noone asks me politely to stop being so kind towards the developers?
  20. They asked you nicely dude... if you dont have blinde love for this game then get moving to a bitch thread
  21. He has copied this all across the forum... All i gotta say is... Peace be with you Darth Banooby
  22. Kill henchmen, and piss in their drinks... basically get their attention
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