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  1. As i said a couple of posts ago... Draw Distance, Anti-Aliasing and other graphical upgrades can cause your virtual memory to nose dive... Perhaps he is used to playing games such as Doom 3 on full spec and hasnt considered that this game is demanding alot more out of its engine?
  2. /love Obsidian Your right Darth Jebus, but you have to admit half of the people that come here are just people that havent taken the time to analyse their problems.
  3. And i hate egotisical cry babies that havent hit puberty, whining, pissing, and moaning about something which isnt Obsidian's fault. Granted there are bugs and problems, but Framerate is ALWAYS Spec related...
  4. Then next time just give me a figure, as they are all designed with a template for basic functions. Moron <_< I can vouch that the game is not to blame for that as i had no framerate problems at all. So whether your asking too much from your system, or you have just set the draw distance too far i dont know... but its something your PC is doing, not the game.
  5. Dont blame Obsidian for that please god dont... That would be the game engines difficulty, not theirs >.<
  6. I said how much RAM do you have, not your system spec's.
  7. Congratulations... you have successfully shackled yourself to the wheel of fate
  8. Somehow... anyone who employed you to build computers seems to be a bit of a 'tard. As lag is due to loss of virtual memory. How much RAM is your 'top notch' PC running?
  9. Me two Sucky! Then again you have to remember for all these old people, the original Star Wars and Comics came out in their youth so Star Wars is more theirs than ours Infact... other than a select few i think im the only one who likes Star Wars out of my entire school :|
  10. Lol i just used force push to get them out the ring :D Then again i think they bruised my ego sorely that i had to cheat like that
  11. The only problem i had with the influence system was when i had
  12. Meh im only 16 and i wish i was 14 again <_<
  13. Meh as much as i would love for you all to get it patched so you can enjoy this as much as me, i had no bug experiences that bothered me or were even noticeable, so i cast a no so that they can concerntrate more on NWN2 :D
  14. I feel exactly the same way... however i enjoyed it a ickle bit more i think
  15. if they did....then the people would not post about bugs.....specially the crashing bug. " * other bugs i saw i dont care much...its just the crashing stuff after 15 min or loading a new area. * game story is nice . (light side i passed) i would do dark side to.....but when the new patch is released. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> For a years work you would be suprised how hard they worked... Developers came in during weekends to keep crunch time at bay ffs!
  16. You cant use the speeder, it was cut. And the gold pazaak cards work as + or - depending on your situation
  17. I saw no plot holes... everything was explained that started int he game however it is left at a cliff hanger on whats going to happen next... Give me a plot hole... and i will give you the answer you missed:)
  18. Force storm and Crush should use around 200 force points, making them last ditch efforts.
  19. Sorry i replied to the topic you deleted and am too drunk to repeat myself
  20. Slow-down for PC is purely RAM capabilities. Ive got 2.7gig ram and i had no slow downs at all.
  21. Transistion on Telos. When Zoning sometimes it will terminate to the desktop, but if you save regularily thats nothing but a minor inconveniance, happened twice on my second play through.
  22. Very simple, make a backup of the file somewhere on your system. Alter the one in the appropriate folder and see if it runs. If not replace with the backed up copy
  23. The Jedi Civil War and Mandalorian War cannot be compared with the Clone Wars. Why? Because one then the Jedi are facing other force users / living people and in the other they are fighting droids. The Jedi feel death and its not a pleasant feeling thus when they kill it taints them slightly (except for self defence). Against droids its a no-brainer.
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