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  1. Gotta love those crazy weapons stores... they let you try anything ^^
  2. Ehehehe thought you werent gonna get the game Hades
  3. Meh only thing i can duel weild is num-chuk's, merely because they swing. If they were solid then i can imagine they would connect and more than likely end up hitting myself trying to rectify the mistake
  4. Handmaiden Visas Atris... And Kreia /shudder
  5. Very true. Hopefully Obsidian will have that ability someday. But they need to get some really good releases under their belt first. Here is hoping on NWN2. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Are you both completely loopy? Thats like DEMANDING your boss that you get a pay rise, free buffet dinner at lunctimes and the occassional thing with his missus Think logically here!
  6. Yslamiri is a creature that negates the force. On their planet then the force is dead... so imagine having your Uber lvl 20 Revan or your even Uber'eer Exile lvl 32 and place them in a situation where they cant use the force, or lightsabers... nice eh?
  7. As much as i feel sorry for you.... That doesnt take back my loathing of the whiney dickless piece of **** standing infront of meh?
  8. Ive done 1700 damage 17 Sith Assassins on the Ebon Hawk, Force storm + 40 Wisdom... 100 damage per sob Beat sum o that bitches
  9. Your not paying attention to the story either you pompous pile of bantha poo doo. This isnt about the conflict of Light and Dark, its about Neutrality, and a deeper understanding of the force... didnt Kreia teach you anything?
  10. The figure doesnt change but there is a difference in the game mechanic's Although it doesnt say so, you are receiving the bonus's
  11. Meh all i know is he is on Alderaan when the Death Star gets comfy with its weaponry for the first time
  12. Probably to hide some rather nasty Darkside Skin Rot.... I mean damn it could be like leprousy :| /shudder
  13. Exile would be easy to explain why he lost his power... He gains it from his force bonds, if his friends died, his powers are lost.
  14. I dont think he can be trained as a Jedi
  15. Well they are strong against fallen Jedi and normal gimps... I wonder how they would handle a Ysalimiri or the actual Sith Empire
  16. How about this? They both fight each other because they do not recognise each other (Exile wearing Nihilis Mask and Revan using his Robe). Revan's power balanced with the Exiles 'hunger' and they both get severly weakened... or close to death.
  17. Aryanne it IS BS ok... feel free to get screenshots and prove us otherwise... but ive completed this 2 times without seeing any difference
  18. Okay. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That was an insult in itself you know?
  19. added the "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1" line in my swkotor2.ini file maybe that will fix it?.. im gunna go nuts if i dont beat this game. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If you cant complete it, because the game for you is that hideous, i suggest you download 'Bink and Smacker' and Necrotech file decypher and watch all the cut scenes <{POST_SNAPBACK}> even the cut sceens are bad. on PC anyways <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Then you should dis-continue posting on these forums and get your money back, as your now just being pessimistic <_<
  20. Aye its all true... but i feel the bugs are subjective
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