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  1. thats not it at all, just making the point that bioware has that kinda power to demand more time for the game.
  2. If you are an indespensable employee who the Boss cannot replace and who is needed for the venture to be successful you CAN demand those sorts of things from your Boss. That is the point. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> EXACTALY!!!
  3. Very true. Hopefully Obsidian will have that ability someday. But they need to get some really good releases under their belt first. Here is hoping on NWN2. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Are you both completely loopy? Thats like DEMANDING your boss that you get a pay rise, free buffet dinner at lunctimes and the occassional thing with his missus Think logically here! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> no its not, its like asking your boss for a little more time to make a legondary game such as kotor1.
  4. I told you im not like this all the time...... you wouldint understand cause you dont have that kinda sensitivity to know what it feels like to have that kinda love from people on a message board speedguide was the best thing that ever happend to me, i always get alot of support from them... advice anything to help me out when i need it, you go and spend as much as time as i do on there and you will feel the same way, some people have over 20 thousund posts on that board, i only have around 350 posts.... im not the jerk that you make me out to be, i already explained to you that its been a crappy few days...
  5. i realy care what you think of me, and i dont want people to feel sorry for me either... you dont know me, i can be a **** on forums but once you get to know me im not that bad, and i usualy dont do this kinda stuff... just had a bad few days... you may feel sorry for me but when it happens to you... its somthing else... you wouldint understand unless you realy went through it. but thats off the subject... im just sharing my opinoion about all this... and your getting all defensive... i guess im just used to speaking my mind.... i go to another forum website called speedguide.... there like a second family so its not realy a big deal what i say...
  6. I have an ATI x800 Pro. I run the game with no problems. Why don't you get your dad to look at it for you? Maybe he can solve the problem. I would honestly try to help you, as many others have, but you just snub them back like a jerk. So instead, I'll take a crack at poking fun of your age. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> my "dad" is dead, he died a few months ago, and no one has to look at it "for me" i build computers... i know what im doing... even if my dad was alive i would never talk to him because of the things he did when i was younger.. i will never forgive him for that, even if he is dead.
  7. ok, one thing, bioware would have done a whole lot better with kotor2 because the have the balls to tell lucasarts that they need more then 12 months to finish a game such as kotor2... obsidian on the other hand... does not... they arnt as big as bioware is....
  8. LMAO!!! i dont have an nvidia card, i have an ATI X800PRO, you would know that if you actauly read my system specs.
  9. it NEEDS bioware and not obsidian, obsidian completely bombed the kotor franchise IMO, even there website is screwed up, and yes i know this company hasint been around for long, but they completely screwed this thing up... and i know LA pushed the deadline up, but they coulda said go **ck your self and then do it on there own time LOL.... the game isint great, but its not terrible... it could be way better... i practicaly worship bioware for there awesome job with kotor1..... i think kotor1 woulda been as bad as kotor2 if obsidian made it... with kotor1 i actualy wish i could go back in time and experiance it for the first time.... kotor2 however..... makes me wanna puke to think about me having to go through peragus everytime i make another character.... Anyways now that my ranting is over with... whats your oppionion? P.S i know my spelling sucks... but im 13 and i dont spell very well.. if you dont like it... *uck you
  10. it NEEDS bioware and not obsidian, obsidian completely bombed the kotor franchise...
  11. one more thing, nvidia has these things called hang drivers, wich means that if u install a ATI card it will decreese preformance by a TON, i had like 10 fps on games when i switched to ATI untill i reformated my computer. so make sure u do that or ur not going to get good preformance.
  12. my ATI X800PRo 256mb works great with it, no crashers or lock ups so far.
  13. yes you can, i used it before u just have to find all the parts for it around nar shadaa
  14. yes 50 is the highest lvl, beleive me, i know lol
  15. added the "Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1" line in my swkotor2.ini file maybe that will fix it?.. im gunna go nuts if i dont beat this game. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If you cant complete it, because the game for you is that hideous, i suggest you download 'Bink and Smacker' and Necrotech file decypher and watch all the cut scenes <{POST_SNAPBACK}> even the cut sceens are bad. on PC anyways
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