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  1. You get Viasa's when your aligned strongly... so you have to.
  2. There are four sidequest that I know can not be completed after completing other quests. TSF bounties: criminals (Citadel Station/Telos), Ghosts to Rest, Cave Crawling(Dantooine) and Vogga the Hutt (Nar Shaddaa). <_< While I agree that more testing would have resulted in a better game, the game on the whole (to me at least, I can not speak for everyone obviously) is not that bad. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> 'Redemption' (Dantooine) as well. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Meh i completed 'Redemption'. So it is possible, there may be a very specific way of doing it however.
  3. Go for the two extremes if you want a fight Guardian/ SithLord / Jedi Master with a single lightsaber i imagine to be the toughest, go for it
  4. I went Guardian / SithLord and it was an uphill struggle the entire time I used a single Saberand got whatever skills and force powers i liked but in the end, i was struggling. I kill wipe rooms full of enemies easily, throwing off a Force Storm and Death Feild, but when it got down to combat with say three Sith Marauders in the [spoilers] Trayus Academy [/spoilers] then i was needing sheilds, Force Energy resistance master and more than likely health packs at the end of it as against three people Death Feild sucks the big one Meh maybe im lucky and got a harder version than you on the game, [/sarcasm] but maybe being a Guardian Weaponsmaster with 42 strength is what your complaining about. Surely you knew if you chose 2 lightsaber combat classes and coupled that with purely dumping your attributes into strength you would kill them in the odd 2 hits? It sounds like your complaining about your Character being overpowered than the game being too easy
  5. DONT GIMP YOUR CHARACTER! I played Guardian / Sith Lord Darkside, with getting everything i wanted and everything i needed. This game is indeed harder than the first KotOR. As here i used many stims, sheilds and health kits, whereas in the original i did not even bother. The only reason i may of had this experience is because i was using a Single Bladed Lightsaber... Meh do what you will, but i advise you not to Gimp them fully You WILL regret it
  6. Im DS but i doubt a DS player can gain Mira... We get Hanharr
  7. Dantooine... I just left Telos and i got all the parts from Dant. Then left to level up because Vrook was an arse to kill :D
  8. Guess what... i won a Competition for best game played of PoPWW in Europe... And... i get the game in the UK... TOMMOROW... Along with... WoW!!! I love its when sh!t like this happens :D :D :D
  9. I pity the foo' <_< I ain't gettin 'no plane sucker! <_< Lovin the Avatar Darth Sun Tzu :D
  10. Then you win, there isn't any problems with size then, at least if you haven't too big hands <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ive got it!!! Bonfire on your hands whilst commiting Lesbian acts!! (w00t)
  11. Or ish it? :ph34r: All hail Darth Bastilla
  12. Yup, we are more machine than man now :D Twisted and evil...
  13. Sounds good **counts games** 50 for me, 50 for you, 50 for me, 50 for you...
  14. Amen... Anyone up for hijacking the shipment with a couple of laptops and playing it whilst its still being delievered? :D
  15. Meh - if you can't beat 'em, join em. Whilst I was practically quivering in anticipation of the PC release, the IGN article shed light on *new* bugs - so I'm not holding my breath. That being said, it can't honestly be worse than the XBOX version...can it? But to keep in the spirit of this thread: Go KotOR II !! Go KotOR II. Go KotOR II? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> And hold your breath!!! Remember bugs are not always encountered... i for one have played lots of apparently "bug" ridden games and never experienced one and have played games thought to be "bug" free but ecountered some, it is totally conditional mate. Chin up
  16. Well the Poll expresses itself, Feel free to hijack the thread, this is just one way im dealing with my anticipation (w00t) (w00t) (w00t)
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