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  1. if its a graphic card related issue. game companies don't deal with graphic card issues that would be up to the graphic card company the next ATI drivers should be out in the next week to 2 weeks since its every month.
  2. i went to starwarsknights.com site just a second ago and on the news it stated that someone took kotor3.com kotor2.com pointed to the lucasarts site for knights of the old republic II game. Either this is gonna be KOTOR III or they are just taking the name for later on or its gonna be some other developers.
  3. study for evil sith like mid terms then play it (i know college has its bad timing)
  4. actaully they would need to annouence it twice xbox and pc
  5. best buy ad states game alavible thursday for $40 dollars
  6. i seen where the games gone gold and be out next week. It doesn't take that long to make a lot of copies of a game with the current technology that is out. They already made the box and the manual and what not. It doesn't take that long to ship it to the game stores. After it went through mass production.
  7. New preview and vidoes at ign.com for PC version of kotor II http://pc.ign.com/articles/583/583552p1.html
  8. games are gonna have bugs so far no one has invented the perfect bugless game yet. But this is a PC game and there will be patches if lucasarts gave the ok.
  9. yea thats true with most cases when theres a pc version of mulpty system games
  10. i personally love video #4 yes they are invisable sith assassins
  11. stargate not necessary e3 2006 according to the info about lucasarts canning developer team for kotor III if thats was true they would have possible something for e3 (MAYBE)
  12. umm lucasarts never said the line was over. KOTOR III will be announce either at e3 or when they are ready
  13. usually game developers won't say anything till they are ready. When they are ready they will announce that kotor III is being developed.
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