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  1. Okay thanks a lot for the info. I'm going to try track down the comics to begin with. Though being from the UK I may be in for a bit of a struggle... unless any of you know a worldwide seller? Thanks again for all the info.
  2. Okay not sure if this is a good place to ask about such things but I thought I'd give it a shot. I've never been a Star Wars fanatic. Sure I've liked the movies and really enjoyed the games but not really been a hardcore Star Wars fan. However the Kotor games have peaked my interest more and more into the whole Star Wars mythos, and I find myself increasingly intrigued to know more about the Star Wars universe. So my question to any of you out there, is there any books specifically detailing this era of Star Wars histroy? I ask as I do at some point wish to get a whole Star Wars collection of books... leading and probably surpassing the current movies... but I do wish to before that find out more about the past of it all, or more namely the times the Kotor games are set in. I have done a few websearches for books, but not really found anything except the film books... now I do intend to read these at some point... I feel I already know that story and am mainly looking for books that fill in the gaps and pad out the universe. Do any of you know of a good site for Star Wars books, and can maybe advise me what to look out for to begin my book collection, and my new ride into the Extended Star Wars Universe. Thanks in advanced for any help you may provide.
  3. Aryanne your very arrogant aren't you. Just a little FYI. All the European countries above have been in the computer age pretty much same time America was.... infact most of Europe boost a lot better telecommunications facilities and a higher number of PC per person than most American states. *shrugs* Then again I'm not american so my inferia opnion means nothing.
  4. I wish I hadn't read this thread. I although thought the ending was a bit flat was sustained with a damn good game, with a not so good ending... not the first time either. But after seeing what could/should of been and isn't makes the end I have seem even worse... Not a happy camper at all.... as has been said this game was top shelf all the way through (in my opnion anyway) all apart from the ending. You add in endings like this and it just completes a masterpiece. No ifs, no buts but stellar game. Seriously if this was an in house call at OE then someone, or hell multiple people need firing.... if it was a Lucas Art's call.... you guys are cutting off your nose for profit. Seriously if you want to keep milking the cash cow that is Star Wars the best way to do that is to give your teams the time space and money to make it work for you in a favourable way. You stand to make yourself more money by making sure that all your products are the best they can be.. Rushing them out the door is counter productive.
  5. Okay now taking a break from all the 'This game is the Suxxors!' 'Obsidian wheres my patch' threads round here lately I thought I'd try a thread that has absolutely nothing of extreme importance in it... just personal opnions over well nothing really... and here goes. Now my question to you is what type of Lightsabre do you see the differing genders using easily in your imagination... now let me clarify.... To me, a Light sided male just suits Single normal Lightsabre , where as I would tend to see a Light sided female using a double-bladed lightsabre. These are all astetic reasons and no really reason to them Just what I usually create my PCs to conform to. They just seem to gel. Here goes my fully list: Lightsided Male: Single Sabre. Just seems right to me. Very Traditional. Besides if it was good enough for Luke its good enough for my goody goody. Light sided female: Double-bladed Sabre. I really dunno why it just seems to suit. It has a sort of Feminie Agility quality to it *shrugs*. Think it goes without saying All lightsided chars colour co-ordination tends to be of the light colours. The blue, Greens and Yellows. No self respecting goody would weild a red sabre *scoff* Dark sided Male: Hmmm My first Pick tends to be Dual sabres.. though to be honest single sabre could fit too. Then agian Double bladed isn't out of the question either... but only if your Dath Maul. He really pulled that off well, but most the time I personally go with my first choice. Dark sides female: Single Blade or Dualsabre. Some how the darksided double-bladed loses all its femininity... but thats just me. Of course Red is the only way to go here, unless your the kind of evil that likes to be a little flash, and murder and mayhem comes second to your grasp for individuality. Violet/purple is the fashionable substitue here... be warned if your a right hand man/maiden yo will get gibed for going with the violet by your master... of course if you are the master no one should dare question your sabre unless there practicing a new form of suicide.. How about you all, what are your thoughts?
  6. Look he spells Canada with a 'K' and uses such blankets statements to end arguements as 'Game Over' Seriously why even bother trying to enlighten/argue/state your own opnion. Those points right there should let you know this is not the kind of person you try have a resonable debate with.
  7. Okay I'm just about getting tired of all this whine whine whine and even more whining. Would you like some crackers and cheese with it? Seriously. Lets count the days this game has been out on the PC.... has it even been a month yet? I know thats most definatly not the case in europe, as its been out what a weekend... I don't think its been out that much longer in the states though I will admit I'm unsure. Firstly I'll like to point out I myself have experienced a few slight errors such as my player character freezing/becoming unresponsive after battle. I have concluded this only seems to happen in the parts of the game that you play solo though *shrugs*... and I've also experienced one or two crashes to desktop but only ater long gaming sessions... Yes I feel sorry for those of you that are having all these so called game breaking problems, but this is hardly cross the board problems. I'm not saying these things don't happen, I'm just saying they don't happen to every single persons game out there. So saying things like they've shipped a faulty product is nonsense. If that was true these clomplaints would ring true for 100% of the people with the game.. Fact is a lot of these problems are more than likely hardware related. While i won't doubt maybe more testing on a wider range of systems could have cut down on some, there always going to be these kinda of problems with PC gaming fact!. Theres just too many different components and brands out there, and anyone of them have the potential to cause problems. Being a PC gamer now for going on nearly 10 years I've come to grips with this fact. if I had of been in the band of people having all these unslightly problems I know full well I wouldn't be coming here screaming blue murder when the game has only just hit the shelves more or less. I'd wait for the patch... of course if one wasn't coming then maybe I'd start the screaming... It makes me laugh all the people here whining and moaning about this is obsidians faulty. I have a question for all the people who are crying and moaning on here, have you done everything neccesary to try get this game to work, such as the updating every driver/bios/chipset, defraging and last but not least totally blitzing your system to check if you get better results. No I bet many of you haven't cause of course it has to be someone elses fault. it couldn't possibly be your system that I just so notice you use for net browsing also has a whole heap of crap on it sucking the life out your rig. Seriously. if you haven't taken every step possible to eliminate your rig as being the problem in the equation, don't come here bitching and moaning. If however you have (and that includes the blitzing your system part), I humbly ask you once more to also please quit bitching (though you are somewhat more justified than those who just come straight here and cry without eliminating the rig as the problem), at least until after someone at Obsidan says there will be no patch or at least a whole month or two after the products release (as after all patches take time). Once all these things have come to pass feel free to bitch and moan all you want secure in the knowledge that youv'e not been a cry baby, and at least are capable of acting somewhat maturely instead of a spoilt child saying 'Give me now! whahahahah!. /Rant off!
  8. Thanks Jack. I have decided upon further evaluation just to forget about Mira. I'll take the flee bag instead, may as well have him in at least one of my playthroughs.
  9. Thanks all those who responded, anyone else have any insight? I'm sure someone must have gone about doing this before me.
  10. Okay having just finshed the game for my first time, with refering to no spoilers I have decided for my next play through to venture here. I am somewhat distressed that my lightside play through I didn't manage at all to turn one of my companions to a jedi (though after looking through some of these threads I'm positive I wasn't far off). However for my next play through I will be going DS. However I would like to make sure (or at least try to turn) Mira, Handmaiden, Bao and Atton. To be honest I am not to bothered about ny influence with the other characters as my last playthrough (after this one) I am planing to go thru again LS female and upon that try I will probably try maxing out influence with as many chars as possible (as it seems much esaier). I think I understand how this influence thing works but my dilema is for the characters I have picked I will need to take quite a few lightside hits. I know I could try maxing out negative influence hits but I do not want my disciples to be the opposite end of the force spectrum. Now for people who have done it how would you propse I manage this easily: Do I play my game LS, choosing Na Shurra damint I forgot the name of the planet lol, but the one where you get Mira. and try convert all my team to Jedis there, then play Hardcore DS after could I even do that and manage to get my prestige class rather quickly or would it take a long time to repair for my passed transgression to the light. Or would I follow the same stratergy and try stay as neutral as possible? will they still become Jedi if I am neither overtly good or evil? Or can I be as evil as I want to be everywhere upto that planet and just take the hits I need to to get these chars inluence up? I was thinking this but then I realised I need to be good (I think) to get Mira, and I do want Mira. Not a big Wookie fan to be honest. Either way I know I am going there first just to get as many chars as I can and as many of them as possible to turn Jedi. Last question regarding this. Is there enough influence hits to have all the chars I've mentioned above to turn Jedi just by going to Na Sharra (I know thats not it, but its something like that, and I haven;t remeber it since I tryed to type it earlier :-p) Seriously any one who has done this, any hints you can give me to doing this as painlessy as possible would be much appreciated. Thanks in advanced. P.S.: Also (this is going to sound so innane but) I no matter what want my DS character to have the Title Sith Lord. However being totally force sided doesn't sit well with me at all. Nevertheless.... I will be a Sith Lord but will I still be able to put the smack down on in melee if I am one? I was planning to go Jedi Sentinel (as I like having skill points at my disposal) Than switching to Sith Lord.... I am just wondering though will this make me not so able with my saber... Would being a Jedi guardian the Sith Lord be a better option?
  11. Now I may be one of the few people who actually reads manauls cover to cover these days (well of games I really like anyway).. However doing this with KoToR2 has left me wondering where some features in the manual went. Now in the behavioural stances section of the manual it say there should be a defensive behaviour that lets you chars attack but not chase down the enemy, which sounds ideal for me to be honest... however it is no where to be seen in game... well that I can see anyway. Is this just me or has anyone else noticed this? Another feature I can't seem to find in game is the transit option. In my manual it states you can in parts of the game transit back to the Ebony Hawk on your map screen... but I have looked and looked and I can't see the transit button anywhere,. It does say in the manual there will be times when its unavailable, but so far I've yet to see it be availabe once, and I do check often... Has anyone else noticed these omissions or is my game defective?
  12. Just curious have you actually been to the Kanirth caves and freed the Jedi master there yet? If not, thats what you need to do... If you have, then I have no idea what to suggest sorry.
  13. My Disciple didn't leave either (not sure he's meant too) but when I go back to see the governer all is well and things progress as they should regardless.
  14. Having the same problem as the first poster. My character freezes but only after combat (not noticed it anywhere else) and its only started happening recently. Didn't notice it my first few hours of play. Sometimes if I just sit and wait a few seconds (10 or there abouts) it becomes unstuck. i've also found changeing my weapon config sometimes helps, but more often than not I end up having to save and then reload again. It wouldn't bother me if it was only every now and then but it seems the further I go on in the game the more frequently it is occuring. Before I went to bed last night and stopped playing it was beginning to happen every other fight. I'm hoping its just cause I had been playing so long with out stopping that the problem won't persist tonight... If it does however I could see myself shelveing the game til a patch comes out as stopping to save/reload every other fight is just beyond tedious.
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