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  1. Freakin South Park RPG!?! That's it, I'm outta here. Dungeon Siege 3 was already way too crappy project but this is too much.
  2. That's some weird videogame historical revisionism. iD Software didn't inspire Valve and in those days Half-Life was seen as something other then pure FPS. Wolfenstein 3D, Dooms and Quake were all GAMES first... well, actually there were no real story elements, just game mechanics. In Half-Life there were heavy scripting (what, mobs don't attack us right away... I can talk to these scientists? ), real storyline, paced action, cutscenes... even the Quake engine was heavily modified. iD did inspire many developers. Something like Serious Sam (inspired by both iD games and Duke) or Painkiller are some of the clearer examples. ID themself can't write their way out of paperbag and all the games since Quake have more or less been failures (not financial, but failed to reach the level of "modern" FPS ). FPS genre is already rather old and it has splintered into many different directions and all have evolved (or sometimes devolved) since the early days. Halo is important point in FPS games history, not because the game is anything special, but because it helped to kill PC domination in this genre. Actually many younger games don't even know about pre-Halo FPS on PC (they have most likely only played console FPS). Some could argue that even Halo is ancent history already and latest Modern Warfare is where's it at. Can't blame 'em, since Halo is 10 years old. When I played Wolfenstain 3D in 1992, I sure as hell didn't think about Battlezone from 1983 (I had that too on c64, didn't like it).
  3. Stolen from Neogaf Just wait If for some reason your game haven't been a daily deal, you can buy it on last day of the sales.
  4. I'd argue that New Vegas was alright (if just barely) despite assets and HORRIBLE Gamebryo engine. Buggy engine (meaning that Obsidian couldn't fix certain issues even if they wanted to), terrible animations, constricted ruleset, suboptimal shooting and melee mechanics, VAT issues, sound problems, scripting problems... Sure, environment assets are ok (as they are in Skyrim too) but still way behind the Rockstars RAGE engine or Cryteks engine(s). There's huge improvement from Oblivion to Skyrim, but no way Bethesda's stuff is state of the art (sand box or not).
  5. Deus Ex Human Revolution (SE) had a big, full size AAA team. I'd say similar to Assassins Creed (Ubi) Some developers like Rockstar are on league of their own... maybe they should be called AAAA http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/38662/I...l_Expansion.php
  6. And that's alright, at least on higher difficulty settings. I be able to pull, perch, CC (crowd control) correct numbers of mobs is one of those things that require skill and/or understanding game mechanics. This is why nearly all MMOGs use this mechanic and even create classes / skill sets just for that job.
  7. Haha agreed! I haven't beta tested a game since the Asheron's Call 2 (was it 2002 or something) and it's so much pointless frustration that I wouldn't recommend it for anyone.
  8. I'd say PCs days are numbered because not even AAA developers bother to do anything except crappy port (even when Steam would suggest over 1 million units sold). Thus we're playing console games on PC that might have bit improved graphical options (but certainly not take full advantage from DirectX10 or 11) but with sub-optimal UI. Heck, people start to buy console controllers for the PC (even for FPS) because games are that badly designed or optimized for the PC. That's like nightmare scenario for me because my main problems with consoles are not consoles per se, but lack of mouse + keyboard support (from game mechanics to difficulty settings) and too long hardware generation cycles.
  9. I think I have to find better "Let's play" video series. It's blind run and person don't seem to have good grasp of game mechanics. He also misses a lot of environmental clues. Master (highest) difficulty seem to be balanced rather nice but he manages to die because of simple mistakes like rushing into group of enemies, not healing faster (or early) enough or lack of stamina. PC version seem to crash just like all the other Bethesda games and UI is absolutely hideous. I'd recommend everyone to wait 6-12 month for few offical patches and tons of mods. Maybe Steam summer sales or next Quakecon.
  10. I'm going to skip Skyrim untill few patches and some Steam sale but I'd certainly like to see some good "Let's play" videos. If anyone finds good no deaths, hard (or whatever the max may be in Skyrim) difficulty, let me know Been following Linus117 run on youtube and easy difficulty certainly makes it a very boring video. -edit- Found (master difficulty). Have to check if player is skilled at all
  11. Bioware also don't like to do open world sandboxes. Like 'em or not, GTAs and (often crappy) Bethesda games sell really well. Bioware's other weakness is lack of extremely solid shooting mechanics. I dislike most things about Modern Warfare brand but damn they create fine shooting mechanics. Now they go directly against World of Warcraft. Not World of Warcraft 7 years ago but today. I'd argue that designing MMOG features that keep players interested (from casual to hardcore) for years is probably hardest thing to do correctly in gaming biz.
  12. Bioware goes after leaked Mass Effect 3 data. They even requested posts to be nuked from the sites such as Neogaf.com You know, the stuff like this Weird.
  13. Bioware's new teaser looks... generic. Could be Rage 2, Borderlands 2.5, Farcry 3... Well, I guess destruction is nice, if that makes to final game
  14. Ewww at Ashley's model. Nose job and botox bath. I'm not totally against the various game modes but it's highly unlikely that Bioware would use valuable resources for optional RPG / story content if they can get away with just pure combat. In the end, I think this is just another step away from RPG genre.
  15. Have to disagree with that. I love the contrast in GTA games. Player characters try to be sane (and often failing) in the insane world. It's like warped european view point of the Fox News americana. Personally I'd like it for to be even more subtle, but real-life republican party debates (seriously, that recent Herman Cain ad could be from GTA 4 ) and tea party movement make that impossible. In Saints Row universe everyone know it's insane and act like it. I'd say it's too direct and goofy. No highs and lows. Maybe it's the way of the future and those who love such games will have jolly good time with 'em. I hope GTA brand still continues with it's current path.
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