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  1. Vader had his own Super Star Destroyer (the Executor) and had an entire fleet under his command... Does that mean he was higher than the Emporer? P.s if your going to insist on topic's like this please use the search button and resurect past topics... it gets boring when new ones are created every month or so
  2. He allowed his power to be taken from him by Nomi.
  3. I could do that... minus the army... and we know that isnt very fantastic as he used someone elses technology
  4. Whats funny is i got a SQL error when posting this topic :D
  5. Not referring to you Ludozee... BTW: I sooo know :D >.<
  6. Hi, Please bear in mind that when posting a new topic, if your browser shows you a SQL Error screen please ignore it and go back to <Obsidian Forum Community> as your topic has been posted, you just have to go the long route If you have already made multiple topics, could you pleas take some time and delete your "clone" topics. You do this by going onto a thread you created; and going down to the bottom of the page. Here you should find a little box which has "Moderator Options". Click the downward arrow whilst this is selected and click on "-Delete Topic". Happy Foruming Cheers
  7. Spam is not on topic info... this is, so quit complaining
  8. Welcome... but as Hydrogen said, Obsidian apparently isn't going to make KIII
  9. Read the EU on Palpatine... and fear his power in Ep III btw
  10. So your saying if i cut you up into little peices... , burn you, cut you.... and then pour formaldyhide on your rotting carcase... then clone you that is a form of surviving? Wrong. The mechanics of cloning show that although the subject is an exact replica, there are differences in neural operations due to experiences.
  11. If your referring to the combat move "Flurry", then the answer is simple. In KotOR2: The Sith Lords as you go up levels in skill your combat animations become different to show how you are progressing. And if you actually meant to say "Fury", then i think you will find yourself slightly mistaken as there wasnt a force power / feat in KotOR1: The Prodigal Knight named "Fury"
  12. He was actually cloned and they used force manipulation to bring his Force Spirit back to his body. He didnt survive the Super Death Star's Power Core.
  13. Yoda was 900 years old in RoTJ... shows how much you know <_<
  14. Palpatine is useless. What kinda sith lord gets pick up by his own apprentice and thrown off a cliff? Pathetic! And his Lighting sucks. He fried Luke for two minutes, and luke still didn't die! Bah! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> He wasnt trying to kill Luke... he was torturing him. And if even if you, Muhamed... im 'ard, Bruce Lee. If you get picked up from behind by someone that you strust and thrown into a Death Star Reactor Core your not going to survive. Period.
  15. KotOR is in the EU. and in all EU sources u will find that Revan is not the only one with tremendous power... He couldnt stand up to Exar Kun or Marka Ragnos.
  16. Not likely... LA and Bioware had a falling out.
  17. Us Star Wars geeks spend too much time of the database?
  18. Please say that this is some sick sad joke... We all know Kreia and Sion have a relationship as its in the tales on the main website >.< Not to mention the appalling way you posted... El Caps Lock'o maximo is your friend
  19. How bad does it suck not having the game? Think vacuum cleaner... with a ferrari engine powered by the sun
  20. You and about 3 other people in the gaming world. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Make that 4. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Check your figures <_< Its 5 (w00t)
  21. I agree... the ending brought me to a stand still... woo i killed Malak... Reminds me of the anticipation of getting to Big Whoop in Monkey Island... How appropriate... those were my exact words after realising how ****e it was...Big Whoop <_<
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