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  1. /sigh Read all conversations, talk to everyone... and since noone has EVER complained about this before i am inclined to believe its your gaming style
  2. Well if you read all conversations you have, and dont try to powergame through then you would know what to do...
  3. There was nothing wrong with the ending for me... everthing that i was doing made sense... and i was left at a cliffhanger... I got the same effect as after i have read a good book that is planned to have a sequel. Maybe im just really easy going but i doubt it... if your a fan of this genre and like stories i have NO DOUBT that you will enjoy this game.
  4. Lok? Yavin IV? Even Endor would be quite interesting... Ewok slayers, prepare thy sabers :D
  5. I still think that exploring Dathomir would be a cool thing... Enter Nightsisters :D
  6. Meh ever tried it? ti deirt reve hem... Sounds like some Cult Demon Summoning sh!t
  7. But compared to Bastila... her calling HIM young is very demeaning <_<
  8. Touch'e Edit: ^ Small (old) Man On Campus
  9. Actually I was Jad'en. I just didn't post much. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Funny as hell then right? (w00t)
  10. Thats why anything that flows you can manipulate easy... they can follow each others paths at different speeds
  11. Welcome to the fury of the forums <_<
  12. Well i GARUNTEE that for me there was only 1 bug that that was nothing. So unless im really special then it is to do with other factors than the development of this game... FACT!
  13. From the way you describe it definatly wait for a patch.... This game is fantastic minus the bugs, i hope they bring one out soon for you.
  14. No, I think your logic is even worse. 'Fvcking jew' is no matter how you see it, an insult. Fanboy on the other hand is not. You are taking things to an extreme to make a point. That is one of the most common logic fallacies ever. There are people here that do that with a lot more of subtlety than you. They tried to use it against me, and failed, just as you have. I am not superior. My arguments are. End of story. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The entire arguement is screwed up, make a new one... However im definatly going to be using the final statement in one of my future posts because that just won the arguement :D
  15. Well i played through and encountered the same bug twice... and it wasnt game stopping... So really asking other people i got a feeling is a FUBAR idea... look at what your experiencing and ask yourself the question... am i having fun? If the answer is yes continue playing and grin and bare it, if not take a time out. Hope this has helped
  16. So you've been waiting a few days? I'm unsympathetic. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Maybe he's an XBOXer? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Face the harsh reality, KotOR 2 won't be coming out for a while so you're going to have to wait atleast 10-12 months if it indeed is in development. And if you are a PC user, you can add an additional 3 months to that. Besides, there are other games you can play and quite a few good titles are coming out this year. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If KOTOR 2 isn't coming out for another 10-12 months what the hell is this forum about? Oh God I'm so confused. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Lol first game ive ever completed 11-12 months before its going to be released :D
  17. Side with your companions and not with Kreia, and you can womp her easy
  18. Speed is key to this, play it at 0.30 speed and upwards. I think that the way Kreia talks about the force is it has a will of its own. So when the Exile severed himself from its will he made a void. Now that has never happened before so it would literally be a paradox considering that the force is everything and nothing. I think that Nihilis was spawned to either replace that void, or was not intentionally created but formed as a chain reaction to the void (Void = Nihilism, Nothingness), in turn he was there to bring everything else into that void...
  19. If you were hear early last year you would truly appreciate that statement
  20. You only need a +1 modifier on it to gain the dialogue options.
  21. The force has a will, and the Exile is a void of the force... If the force is all life and the force is all death... then the force would need to rectify that void. Void = Nothingness = Nihilsm See the picture, the void that the exile created, spawned Nihilis and created a chain reaction, of the force being "sucked" away throught he void (Nihilis's hunger
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