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  1. Q: What is your name and age? A: Alex T, 15 Q: What is your current job and position? A: Im currently learning (10th grade), no job since im too young to work. Q: How long have you been working in the field of 3d art or 3d art in general? A: Since the beginning of 2003, my friend got me into it, enjoyed it ever since. Q: What type of schooling or training did you take to get to where you are today? A: Since school has been useless, i had to learn everything myself, althought i would like to go to some college with art/game developing lessons. Q: In the past what has been yo
  2. dude, thats awesome! i like your style.
  3. you mean a someone from obsidian/game studio or just a someone that does it? if the 2nd, i do 3d modeling..
  4. in the SWkotor2.ini file theres these lines under "[Display Options]" : Width=640 Height=480 you can change them, just note that i didnt try it myself, dont know the results, backup the file if youre gonna change it so you wont have to reinstall the game if something goes wrong.
  5. and again, listen to the stuff that the god damn NPC's say.
  6. you mean you still wasnt on onderon? if you werent, how the f*ck do you wanna advance.. why dont you people read the S*it that the NPC's say? try to f*cking listen and then you will advance.
  7. - exploration of an snowy / ice planet - Hoth - exploration of a crystalline planet - Dunno - exploration of a gaseous planet - Bespin, such a cool planet oh yeah, my opinion is the same as Aveeare's... i wanted something new..
  8. i know hes a sith lord, but what species is he? he i talking some alienish language so i wanted to know what species he is. can anyone answer that?
  9. pisses me off that i can take his mask and cannot wear it? why the hell do i need a mask as a trophy?
  10. Another Yavin store with cool items perhaps? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> sounds cool. (w00t)
  11. they should give us PC'ers some stuff that wasnt in the X-box version as a "were sorry" for the long wait. hehe.
  12. something i made (in 30 minutes) coz i was bored. ill post other stuff that i did while was bored after i do some fixing (if i will do fixing).
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