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  1. I don't mind letting Mira take a lot of Scout levels before Jedifying her. Leave her as a ranged combatant. When she's a Jedi, give her the powers that let you deflect without a lightsaber. The best reason for going to Nar Shaddaa is to get HK-47 and GO-T0, if you care about influencing them. Mira's a nonissue since you get all the influence you want from her from dialog. OTOH, you get better results from your personal crystal if you pick it up early, don't you? I know I've never maxed the thing when I didn't at least visit Dantooine first.
  2. I've got a bit of a different take on it. I think Obsidian's designers understand the SW universe well enough -- they just don't like it much. The main theme of KotOR 2 is pretty much an assault on SW metaphysics. I'm amazed LA approved it. Didn't bother me, since I'm pretty much in David Brin's camp anyway.
  3. What do you mean by "1,000 point scale"?
  4. Implied where? I don't see any such implication. In fact, my impression of Malachor V is that Revan wasn't present at all; wouldn't he have been giving orders rather than the Exile? @Drakron: I don't think HK-47 was sent to kill Mandalore the Ultimate (hate the nomenclature, but we have to keep them distinct). He was sent after a pretender. We know that there were several, though nobody had the helmet until Canderous. HK-47 declares in KotOR:"You created me shortly after you and your apprentice began your war to conquer the galaxy;" it's also clear that Malak was already DS when HK-47 met
  5. A bit OT, but how did you get Atton as a Jedi before doing Nar Shaddaa? I didn't think you could LS Jedify him without taking him to the refugee sector.
  6. Yep. Especially interesting for Consulars. Might be an opportunity for HK-47 to save life, the universe, and everything, though.
  7. Gotta disagree with this part. There are plenty of cinematics. They just don't involve humans. (And they're in crappy XBox resolution too)
  8. Well, of course it's obvious to the player and not the Exile. It's supposed to be. We get all those cutscenes showing her working on her own agenda. I think this is questionable RPG design, but maybe they didn't want people complaining about being betrayed. And really, how badly does Kreia betray you? Besides making you kill her, of course.
  9. No, that makes no sense. The cuts happened after the VO was recorded. That's why we have audio for the cut material. So Kreia was always going to blab like that. Unless they got the actress in to rerecord dialog, but that's very unlikely.
  10. But isn't this all assuming that Nihilus should have been the Biggest Bad Guy? I don't think he would have made a satisfying endboss at all. No personality. Killing him is like shooting a rabid dog
  11. I think burying important aspects of the main story behind the influence system was a mistake. Especially since the only way to get as much Influence as possible is to work from a checklist, which isn't the way I like to play RPGs.
  12. Could we please not use D&D terms when discussing Star Wars? My big problem with the resolution is that Zez-Kai Ell seems to understand the problem, but then falls right back into the same mistakes. It didn't feel right.
  13. The Force doesn't have to have a "will" of its own to shape behavior. Our DNA doesn't have a will, but it certainly does structure our minds.
  14. Nobody owns Dragon Age yet. It's still in pre-production; many basic elements of the design are still being worked out. That's why this is the time to make Big Suggestions.
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