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  1. People, just be patient. You are critisizing Obsidian for not releasing a patch quickly, but also you say you want the issues fixed? Just let the people do their job, and decide what you think when the patch comes out. Cheers Dan
  2. Im only a star wars nerd part time. I do know an unnatural amount about star wars, though its only because i spend time here, and had an extended leave of absense from school, whitch i spent reading up on every subject i could think of. In my other time, i am a lotr nerd, and am in a punk band. I also run my own drag show. I am called pricces Satin. Just my two cents.
  3. BG: DA was bas single player. But 2 player it was ace. Ill never forget on the last boss i got the very powerfull sword, and my mate had nowt. He died early.
  4. There is nowt wrong with the french army. More wrong with the American Army. *cough* using people as shields. Have you guys not seen the news. That Apatche pilot who fired on civies. The U.S remind me of the mandaloriens because of brutality, lack of care for other cultures and imperialism. Full stop.
  5. ROTJ will blow you away dude. The Ewoks...oh the Ewoks... (w00t)
  6. :Shhh...they cannot know...they can never know.... :ph34r:
  7. Hey aurora could you link me to the forum for the mod? Cheers Dan
  8. *turns his head in shameand walks out, throwing his lightsaber behind him, accedently cutting the centre stone in half, crushing all the Jedi masters....*
  9. dammit...guess i have to go into Exile for disagreeing with them...oh dear
  10. Vrook thought Atris was dead. He could be mistaken.
  11. That Chris Avellone and his game are a menace to society! Putting disguesting posts like this on the board. Do you have no shame Mr. Avellone? Think of the children, WILL SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN
  12. L/S male: He went to every planet on the outer rim, and impregnated a woman on each one. Therefore speading his seed across the galaxy.
  13. Oh yes, im a geek if I DONT want to look at PIXILATED charecters wearing skimpy outfits. :D
  14. I would soooo like to be a recruit of Jolees, picked up on his travels. Would be really fun. For me anyways,
  15. I kinda thought of the Basilisk like the martian robots out of war of the worlds. I imagined thousands of many legged droids decending from the atmosphere. Just me then? :">
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