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  1. Ah, so the email was legit. Thanks so very much.
  2. Hmm. I figured that everyone from the NWN forums would have received the email, and hoped that was being paranoid. I cannot access the "old" forums... Jade Empire, NWN, etc. It takes me to BioWare Social Network home. Since I am logged in automatically when I go there, nothing seems amiss... except the old forums being unavailable. I'm hoping others have gotten this email and can reassure me it's legit. There is nowhere at Bio's social forum to ask about it, since the social network only deals with Dragon Age and Mass Effect.
  3. I'm probably being paranoid, but want to check out the email I got from BioWare about a NWN forum security breach. It directs me to a page where I'm instructed to choose a new password. Since I haven't been able to find any threads on the BioWare forums about this breach, and a cursory glance here doesn't show any discussion of it, can someone verify that this email was really from BioWare and there really was a breach? Thanks.
  4. I don't care if bin Laden was armed or not. There was an AK-47 and a handgun found in the room within reach. The wife rushed the assault team, and unless bin Laden threw up his hands in surrender, which he didn't, he was probably reaching for those weapons. The only thing that matters is that he is dead. Dead, dead, dead. Now for the really shocking news: SEAL Team 6 has a canine member that also went on the bin Laden raid. The pooch has body armor, an infrared video camera, an ear bug to receive remote commands. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw training video of the animal in
  5. You're still together? That's great! But if you two do decide to get married, we'd all better get a formal announcement! We're on about he Estonian lady right? I think so, yes. The only other one I knew about was old news many years back, right? Maybe I'm just confused and they're one and the same, lol! When she's ready, she'll probably ask you! Woman after my own heart, but I'm only on my second play through. I LOVE this game, am spending hours and hours investigating every nook and cranny, doing every possible quest, walking from map to map just to hear p
  6. You're still together? That's great! But if you two do decide to get married, we'd all better get a formal announcement!
  7. My missus, she says she hates Sci-Fi... So maybe this'll convert her. Wait... what??? When did you get married??
  8. From what I'm seeing on the forums and in the strategy guide, there are certain quests that aren't offered unless your DA:O save game including Awakenings. And one of those quests Also, I get the idea that Anders has significant dialog about goings-on during Awakenings that isn't available otherwise.
  9. I finished it last night as well, fully prepared for a ghastly martyr scene ala Fallout 3 and NWN2 (the two worst game endings in my personal gaming history). Instead it was basically your typical kill the end boss(es) thing. The only wtf moment for me was when The game bugs are brutal. After having to load one particularly contentious boss battle and fight it three times only to have the game crash in the cutscene (which immediately started without a save opportunity), I finally gave up late in Act 3 and set the game up for a cheat mode. Any time I had to redo a brutal battle aft
  10. ~Di


    America should implement a Star Trek type of "Prime Directive." We're just making matters worse every place we touch, and then we've got people in every oppressed country on the planet staring into tv cameras, screaming at the USA to come in and save them. As long as the Libyan no-fly zone is a UN-approved, NATO-controlled operation, then it's okay with me... for the moment. There are reports that Khadaffi has killed nearly 8,000 people since his mercenary army went on the move. I don't like to see people dying because they want to rid themselves of oppression. I just wonder why it's
  11. If not for the patch, I'd still be trying to get into Kirkwall. I have a single-core machine, and until I downloaded the (then)beta 1.01, I was spinning my wheels on an endless loading screen after the prologue. After they finalized the 1.01 patch, I downloaded and installed it, too, for good measure.
  12. I'm halfway through DA2 and I very much like the game itself. I certainly like it better than DA:O. It's got dozens of fun, fast quests instead of a handful of long, dreary dungeons. It's buggier than hell, though, and that I don't like.
  13. I'm halfway through Act 2, and frankly I love this game. It's superior to DA:O in every way. I love the story, the settings, the fast-paced quests instead of the drudgery of massive dungeons. There's only one thing keeping it from being one of my favorite games of all times. Bugs. I'm plagued by massive bugs. I had to download the beta just to get into Kirkwall to begin with, then I'm stuck with loading bugs on map transitions that crash my computer and make me reboot sometimes 5-6 times during a play session. My Exiled Prince DLC (which I paid for) is so bugged that I can't compl
  14. ~Di


    You're kidding! I thought I'd clicked every link on that article! Dang... *blush* Well, I read it... don't totally understand the full context, since they were referencing changes to an original document. What I read, I didn't like.
  15. ~Di


    I don't know how you found this, but you are clearly a Wikileaks search genius! Thanks so much. Now I can try to figure out what all the fuss is about, and if we screwed the pooch again.
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