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  1. As far as i could tell... freedom from the known. She says that nor the Jedi nor the Sith are right. plz correct me if i'm wrong.
  2. Babylon 5 was just amazing, probably the best i've seen, philosophy, spirituality, great characters, nice technology, and the culture of each species was very detailed. New Battlestar Galactica is great too.
  3. Revan is coming to our solar system to deal with Cheney , the real sith lord
  4. Hey, a rematch from Bioware's forum I remember several threads about this. :D Revan's far more criative than Vader imo.
  5. Thank you all, ii'll try to fly to another planet until the patch comes out.
  6. I've done all that... I talked to that refugee in the beggining of the level, he said he would talk to me if he had more information,i tried to talk to him other times and he always says the same. I did all quests in the refugee sector, in the flop house,helped that merchant, i beat everyone at pazaak.... and it still doesn't "click"... Well let's wait for the patch, i really didn't want to start Nar Shadda from scratch... <_<
  7. I'm playing at Nar Shadda, Jedi Master lvl 1, and the game just stopped. I talked to Vogga and he told me to get Goto, but I can't find any way of seeing him. I tried to call Exchange attention by killing their members at the refugees sector and also Serroco's thugs, and so many other things. I also paid a creature ate the doors of the pazaak den to help me being noticed by the Exchange. Is this a bug? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi. I've played some hours of Kotor 2 and it seems to me that the graphics are worst than Kotor 1. I rebember playing kotor 1 @ 1024/768 high detail and i was stunned by the graphics, the reflections, the shaders, etc. But kotor 2 sometimes seems like unreal tournament 1 textures, lol. Isn't this suppose to be a tweaked engine? This is my desktop system: Pentium 4 2.0 ghz Geforce 4 Ti 4400 (ForceWare drivers 67.66 beta) those were the only drivers that made the videos work. 512 Rimm Does it happen with you guys or can it be something with my system? I mean, it's not horrible, but it's not as great as KOTOR. Thanks in advance.
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