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  1. The only Dnd exposure i have are from the Bioware/Black Isle games: Imoen still favorite whether evil or good path since she never leaves the party unless dismissed Minsc for pure entertainment value (though it can get old after 3 runs through a game) Edwin (insane number of spells) and Viconia (her innate magic resistance) tied for pure usefulness
  2. Reload. I heard that occasionally glitches happen where the door closes again before the droids can come out. Pretty sure you have an auto-save or quick save before this right?
  3. Talia's accent is pretty wierd when all the other Onderonians didn't sport anything that "exotic". Tends to grate on my nerves but I have a real grudge against a guy who wants to have the Ebon Hawk shot on sight upon entering the system. So I would throw my lot in with the queen if only to whip Vaklu's butt.
  4. If all you want is to open up conversation paths and/or turn them Jedi then there is no need to act contrary to your alignment. JUST DO YOUR BEST TO LOSE AS MUCH INFLUENCE AS POSSIBLE!! Losing a lot of influence works the same way as gaining influence in terms of those gameplay terms. However, to have the game say Bao Dur turns into a Dark Jedi Guardian when his character sheet is radiating blindly with the lightside gave me a good laugh.
  5. Just to reiterate but you can get the training option by gaining or LOSING the right amount of influence (first option gains their trust, second you break them to your will).
  6. Sure there is a workbench in Malachor. Jus do the Trayvus Crescent area if you want to access it. No lab stations though.
  7. If you think about it, the mining uniform isn't that much different from a standard Jedi robe in terms of properties. Too bad we can't get a Knight or Master mining uniform LOL. Heck, I usually create a PC with 10 dex anyway so outfitting him with the mining uniform by keeping him at level 6 before turning makes him just as good a Jedi as the PC. Too bad he can't use the Jal Shey or Zeison Sha armor though. Since T3 can be improved to 20 intelligence, T3 can handle all the item creation skills other than Stealth (Visas) or Treat Injury (Bao-Dur or Kreia). So Bao Dur doesn't need to
  8. The only way other than downloading a tool from pcgamemods.com is to check their alignment. The closer they are to the PCs then the better the influence. I think you only ever need 6 influence points to fully max gain/loss. Maybe only exception is visas and Mira's conversation path. Their influence seems to skyrocket if you follow the correct dialogue tree.
  9. Okay, playing a DS character, I decided to just lose influence with all the LS inclined PCs to break them (w00t) . The only one I seem to have trouble with is Visas since her conversation influence path tends to give LS points. Guess will have to get influence with her in other ways (by slaughtering some civilians LOL). Can't believe how easy it was to unlock T3 's bonuses and Bao Dur going Jedi by doing the DS acts. What I have a hard time swallowing is that Bao Dur supposedly becomes a Dark Guardian when he is very lightside. After all, he is very opposed to my PC LOL. Guess O
  10. Well you can experiment and try having party members use fists, blasters and meelee weapons. It is fun to see Handmaiden do a successful power attack and echani strike (pity that fist attacks are only once/round). Shouldn't fists be at least two attacks a round?
  11. Nar Shadaaa for the exact reason that you can get it without much combat. If DS, do Vogga and kill Lootra. If LS, do Vogga and confront Visas (it is very easy to trip the LS or DS triggers before leaving Telos for that confrontation). On Dantooine, you will pretty much have to kill a bunch of laigreks between you and the will. You may as well kill all the laigreks. If you come back later at higher levels, they will be ridiculously easy. Jorran may be not so bad. You can even just lie and get him killed instead.
  12. Funny, I could have sworn HK gave 1 wisdom and 1 constitution plus will save boost, not 2 wisdom.
  13. I guess the only thing we are sure of is none of them gets a happy ending LOL.
  14. Well those are good too but I guess the random loot generator makes all this very pointless (w00t) . Still, I had to wonder when I got 4 Kaiburr crystals my last playthrough.
  15. Best damage I would think is Barab ore ingot 2-16 fire damage (so most energy shields don't block it). Also it is not alignment dependent (i.e. bonus damage vs light side/dark side). Way too random to get. Also does not boost attack ratings but at higher levels, your character will pretty much hit anything anyway.
  16. Any of your NPCs can pretty much deal with anything in this game since it is so easy. The only reason Mira would have trouble with the Ubese and Hanharr is if you purposely hold her levels back in hopes of getting more Jedi levels. Not worth it I think, her free precise shots and targetting feats are way more useful than any Jedi levels. Just level her up when you first get her and give her a good rifle (NOT blasters) as it is unlikely you would have maxed both two weapon fighting and rapid shot trees. It is better to max out rapid shot first. The only time I would even consider turning h
  17. They remind me more of the ancient Huns.
  18. I think that was the only part of the game I actually used Force Immunity LOL. But even a consular properly buffed and with decent energy shields can take her down with flurry.
  19. Slice the security terminal in the area before the tomb on Dxun and access the system commands. Select "run the 'Foothold' scenario". Watch. :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> For that to happen, you need a character with a decent Computer skill. At one time, I sent Atton, Visas and Handmaiden. None of whom I pumped up computer skill. Had to do things the hard way LOL.
  20. Hanharr was very easy at Malachor. Adhesive Grenade, Master speed and master rapid shot. Adhesive grenade every 3rd round if he is still alive but I think I only ever needed two of them. Mira does have a zabrak vibroblade and Echani sword (or Sith Tremor sword) as backups but she never has to since most enemies die before they reach her.
  21. Well I managed to totally lose influence with T3M4 by being mean as much as possible and was able to get the final wisdom bonus for the PC. I suspect that losing influence completely with the NPCs that can become Jedi work the same. Take the NPCs with you that usually give positive influence with LS events and do the exact opposite. Kill innocents and treat them like dirt. When influence is completely negative (and can't go down anymore), you will have completely "broken" them and should have opportunity to turn them to Jedi. Only Atton seems to respond well to gaining influence whethe
  22. Among other things a higher fortitude save makes it easier to save against grenades and the like. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think it is supposed to use Reflex saves doesn't it?
  23. 44 strength bonus is the critically multiplied damage (which he indicated as multiplied by 4). Flat strength bonus damage is 11 which would mean 32 strength (not sure if boosted by stims or not). Notice the 8 for weapon specialization? If it were not a critical, weapon specialization gives +2 damage. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Exactly. 16 base +5 from level ups +3 from the personal Crystal (avoided Kreia like the Plague, so it wasnt at full power), +5 from Dominator Gauntlets, +3 from Light Mastery. But in D&D games, STR bonus is not multiplied in Criticals. However, m
  24. 44 strength bonus is the critically multiplied damage (which he indicated as multiplied by 4). Flat strength bonus damage is 11 which would mean 32 strength (not sure if boosted by stims or not). Notice the 8 for weapon specialization? If it were not a critical, weapon specialization gives +2 damage.
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