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  1. I recall exceeding 300 a few times. That was using a double bladed saber with a barab ore ingot, improved beam gem lens, personal crystal (maxed), expert fencing emitter, and ultimate diatum energy cell. Level 40 plus Sentinel(15)/weaponmaster using Shien Form and Master Power attack (means *4 critical damage). Although with enemies sporting vitality in the many 100s. It still takes more than one swipe to bring them down LOL.
  2. You don't need the Pacifist Package for the bonuses from HK. All that does is give HK a bonus to awareness and wisdom plus some xp for the PC. The stat bonuses are all based on influence triggered conversations.
  3. Well that Twilek Droidmaster in Telos does like to use concussion grenades and your character levels at that point usually have saves that are susceptible to those effects. Also some of the droids early on have flame throwers that cause fear/horror. Usually not a big problem.
  4. Err, ALL CLASSES HAVE THE SAME ATTACK BONUS PROGRESSION IN THIS GAME!! Check out Atton :D . As a scoundrel, he progresses at the exact same rate of 1 attack bonus per level. Which makes this easy game even easier. I know some modders have put out one that adjusts class BAB progession to the way it should be. Guardians get gypped the most in this game though. Force jump comes into play only with specific conditions and only when they get their lightsaber. Also weapon specialization is open TO ALL PRESTIGE CLASSES so I would suggest NEVER PICK Weapon Focus Lightsaber and Force Poin
  5. Just use Master force drain for a lightsider. Still it was the only part in the game where the character needed it and it seemed like such a waste to invest 3 force powers and levels just to do the Korriban exploit. Lightsiders can wear the Force Focusin visor (if they managed to obtain one to regenerate 2 force points per round) and a Jedi Knight/Master robe to regenerate 1 force point per round. Will still take forever to get your force points back . I would rather do the harvesting mines trick than that LOL.
  6. 10, I believe. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> As per the lightsaber crystal FAQ on www.gamefaqs.com , it is 9 levels of progression.
  7. I mean I know Kriea upgrades it for you but just not sure how the PC character level corresponds to the upgrade level that Kreia is willing to do. Highest level should be 9 but at character level 30 (level 15 consular/15 jedi master), Kreia only upgraded the crystal to level 8 (one shy of the highest). Considering most people play thru without getting all possibl xp and exploiting glitches, it is pretty hard to attain the highest level personal crystal . Not unless you want to lay/recover mines or kill Hsisss for a long while LOL. Average level finished by people are at level 28 to 29
  8. How did you manage that? Kreia is a mandatory character for the Palace assault.
  9. Favorite: Mira and Hk-47 in tandem. They take down enemies so fast they can barely get to the party to touch them. Least favorite: Kreia. Hate that you have to pander to her philosophy just to get anywhere with her.
  10. Mira, awesome blaster Jedi. Nice to have a character that doesn't need a lightsaber to be effective considering you have to wait quite a bit to gather enough to outfit all your Jedi characters (assuming you converted them all). Master Rapid or Master Power Blast with keen pistols are the way to go. Hope you luck out and get a Mandalorian Disintegrator. Still a bit ticked that the game cheats her out of stat points (as noted in other posts, Mira's starting stat points don't add up for a character of her level). Mira doesn't need to duke it out with enemies. She partners well with HK wh
  11. Stationary AI before triggering the encounter with the mercenary commander. After mopping the floor with his group, I just make my characters go back a bit. Then either Atton or Kreia in solo mode to take long range shots of the turrets. Watch your energy shields and then everything else okay. The fact that the other mercenaries don't rush when you start taking potshots of the turrets is just faulty AI LOL.
  12. You went DS consular/assasin so your bonuses are 50 BONUS force points (from being a DS consular) and +3 dexterity from being a DS assasin. If you had been a DS sentinel then assasin, it would have been +6 dexterity (though only +3 shows up at the top of the character portrait). To correct your first post for DS mastery DS Guardian/Sith Marauder: +1-8 dmg DS Sentinel/Sith Assassin: +3 dex DS Consular/Sith Lord: +50 FP Do you understand now? A consular/assasin would not get +3 wisdom and +3 dexterity if DS mastery.
  13. For the outside, I just used T3 to lure the bomas to my party near the sensor LOL. But the sith and turrets are laughably easy with his renewable shield and some nice blasters. Bao Dur (hand to hand) and Visas as party leader. Before I had Mira, Disciple and HK. Never really a problem. Just with the Dark Jedi, they managed to whittle away Mira's shields and got her to half health before they were taken care of. Not so with Visa and Bao Dur. True that some of T3's blaster shots were deflected but not overly much.
  14. Yeah but loot spawned in a map is dictated by character level so going there (Dxun/Onderon) as your first planet would really spoil the loot opportunities. Besides you need thorium charges for one of the caches (which can only be obtained in either Korriban or Dantooine). I would rather do it as my third or second planet to get decent stuff.
  15. Not sure if this should be considered a glitch but when going to free Captain Riiken during the Onderon palace siege, the soldiers you fight in that room are LABELLED Royalist soldiers??? Shouldn't they have been Vaklu troopers with the Mark IV droids and the Vaklu major??
  16. NOTE I didn't see the strength mod to damage from the Mandalorian Disintegrator. I will try to observe the feedback rolls more to see if it varies.
  17. Hk doesn't have a lot of feats and he already starts out with rifle focus and improved power blast. Best to give him a keen rifle like the Charric or War Bowcaster (even better since *3 damage critical multiplier but with master power blast increases by 1 more). 15-20 critical threat range. Hk and Mira partnered together mow everything down while the PC gets up close and personal. Mira's damage with mainhand was over 60 while offhand was nearing 60 with fully kitted mandalorian disintegrator and zabrak heavy blaster.
  18. Energy resistance is party effective at least Improved and Master level so only one character in party needs it. Force Barrier is restricted to individual use.
  19. No. Actually I have no idea how the iteration is done for the charisma attack modifier at all?? Player has 14 charisma and never increased. Just used master valor and Universal D-Implant. That would make it 21 charisma. Wish I could figure out how that is derived. ALSO, notice the math does not add up. How does all those figures add up to 64?? I think the figures showing up is wrong but the actual total is correct. I mean if we do simple arithmetic the attack roll would have been 108!!! I think the charisma mod would have been 5 (but shows up as 25??). And the Targeting Vi modif
  20. Save before TALKING to a vendor for the first time . But yes, save before entering a new map.
  21. I didn't post this in the troubleshooting forum since I am not sure if this is a bug or not. It could be by design. It is just that I have Mira with the Zabrak Heavy Blaster in the offhand and wearing the Matukai Adept Robe (sets her strength to 12). I was going through the combat feedback window when I noticed the damage calculation for Mira's offhand applies 1 strength mod when she hits with it. I took a screenshot of the feedback window. Can one of the developers confirm if this is supposed to be so. In case anyone was wondering how come Mira gets weapon specialization damage, i
  22. I just usually ensure Atton is a Jedi by that point with Improved Force Barrier chosen. He has piddling force points if this is your first planet after Telos but enough to cast that. That plus Mandalorian meelee shield and a healthy dose of stimulants is enough to kick the two Twilek whackos to kingdom come. And if you haven't found any decent meelee weapon, you can always have any high repair character craft a vibrosword or vibro doubleblade at the workbench near the Ebon Hawk and put the best possible upgrades that can be inserted (providing enough components which is really no problem
  23. If your build relies on hitting a lot then the armour is better since you can have the strength underlay V that gives +3 strength and +3 constitution. Overlay of 30 percent energy resistance usually. Besides those builds rarely have their wisdom pumped up that high to warrant a robe However, a high wis consular builds should go with robes.
  24. With a consular build, I really hated the NPCs getting in the way LOL. Hk-47 and Mira behind the PC casting Stasis field and quite a few of them are mowed down before the PC can even cast Force Storm (don't know why the range for Force Storm is lower than Stasis Field LOL so the PC is usually still in the middle of closing the distance). I don't believe the Assasin Droid Rifle is obtainable other than the give item cheat. If you are lucky, you might get the Charric, Mandalorian Assault rifle or the Wookie bowcaster (keen and *3 critical damage multiplier) while going through the game.
  25. I do believe the stat bonuses stack if they are installed on different sabers. I have the ankarres sapphire (strength and con) plus kaiburr crystal (wis) on a short LS for the offhand and the Personal crystal on the main hand LS. Seems to work okay. PC version by the way.
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