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  1. The cheat node is somewhat easy to access..but it doesnt do anything good. After the fight between mira and hanharr(whoever you are) go to the first room on the left once out of the pit. Inside is three ubese and 2 lockers...the moment you kill the last of the three ubese run towards the wall near the bunk and press A very quickly. Typically you'll see something along the lines of 'ubese' or something like that in blue like any other npc you dont kill. The options dont really do anything that I've noticed...
  2. Err....you guys have obviously missed out on something huge. Visas cant see facial features. o_o...she see's through the force..all color and blurr..remember kiddies? She couldnt tell you if it looked like you, bao-dur or Kavar for the force sakes!! As for what he probably looked like....it was KREIA! O_O!
  3. I adored the newer character/armor models(Some of them), loved the new force powers and all around customization ability that the game gave with all the upgrades and weapons and armor. The random loot is nice in some points, not in others.... Definately one of those games you could play over and over again.
  4. Another point that I feel should be made....KoTOR is set a long LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time before ANY of the movies(Thousand or so years if I remember correctly). Alot could have changed. Personal shields could have been done away with, technology could have advanced....The jedi order could have came to a new understanding that made them less than paper figures mentally. We dont know. We'll probably NEVER know. The game is there for fun...if you dont like it, dont play it. MOD it, whatever you feel like doing. But complaining about it gets nothing solved. Come tomorrow you're still gonna
  5. So they retextured clothes onto them? That just seems silly..but eh..some things just seem lazy to me about the game...It was the same with KoTOR 1 though too....
  6. Err...Obsidian's not incompetent. They have to run any patch material past lucas arts. If lucas arts says 'No we dont want you to patch' then they cant do it. They're useing rights to a game that's pretty much lucas arts...they just get to make it. It's like a carpenter building a bench for someone that's already payed...six weeks later he cant just come in and decide to fix a little piece that he wants to if the owner says he cant. Granted..obsidian COULD have said that they didnt want to release the game yet...but then we probably wouldnt even have the KoTOR 2 that we have now...LA proba
  7. They probably didnt put the time into enabling x-box live codeing..(Not sure what sort of programming is required for this). Also..um...KoTOR 2 and KoTOR 1 were both X-Box MAIN. Meaning PC was a SECOND CHOICE for the game...like most x-box games(Max Payne, Halo, etc.) Just because they got released onto the PC doesnt mean that PC games are better. Often it's a totally different experience.... As for the paying to get a new copy? HAH! You have got to be bloody joking! First off, I payed my sixty like anyone else to get a cut to pieces game, if they Re-release the game with the
  8. All rebellion's technically started with lie's and breaking laws.....without such rebellion's some countries wouldnt be what they are. Sometimes you have to get your hands a little dirty to do the right thing...Vaklu say's right off he didnt know it was the sith at the start(well..tobin says...but same difference)
  9. I'd rather see a scene like Aimo's where you can force persuade them to make out
  10. Best armor I've found for him so far(Including Exar Kun's suite) Is Jamon Hogra's battle armor(Spelling?) It's medium armor and has something like 11/+2 with 25 resistance to cold...and it looks good combined with blue lightsabers I never find turning him into a jedi really hard...even as a dark sider. Its pretty easy to gain influence and gain those dark side points back anyways...seeing as how easy dark side points are to get..
  11. It would have been nice if he could at least have used heavy armor....there arent many good light or medium armor's out there...and he cant use robes either. On top of the fact that they made him a str/int based character and he's only got a 10 in dexterity... He must be the most clumsy Zabrak ever....(Almost all zabrak item's you find in game lead towards the conclusion that zabrak are dextrous and quick...)
  12. I just gave him powers he could use with the armor...force scream, foce push, energy and physical resistance..heal...
  13. I could totally see atton or bao-dur as gay o.o; ......We all know disciple is already
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