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  1. It seems to me you guys were really into this patch and restoration last year when u started but now you have just lost ur drive and momentum. Can you comment on that? Its not really a slam, i mean its not liek anyone is paying you for this but is it true the team isnt pursing the restoration with the same fervor as it once did?
  2. Dont ask... Im so obsessive compulsive when it comes to lightsaber color you dont even want to know, I dont liek to change to often cause its stupid you should pick a colr and stick with it, but sometimes i cant help it. I dont liek my entire party to have one color, and i think blue is a little over done, yellow is not yellow enough, orange is nice as hell but too ds looking, green is a good choice as is violet, silver is horrible, lightblue is not amazing, green is nice. I like blue as long as there are other lightsaber colors in my party that balance it out like green and violtet
  3. Zabrak like Bao would be sweet, male twilek, Whatever Kit Fisto was, Selkath.... and Sand Person "
  4. I thought the robes in KOTOR 1 were pretty sweet and original, teh game is 4000 years before ANH so they should be kinda diffent blue and tight jedi knight robes were hot. Nothing against flowing robes i wanted them in the game and posted a suggestion for them, but I didnt want teh old robes to get eliminated al together, like where did they go in 5years? I jsut got bored of teh flowing robes after a while thats all especially since they all look pretty much the same and are hard to find to begin with.
  5. Will the robes from KOTOR I be in the restored game? I dont know if the code or whatever for them is in the datafiles, but in the trailer and screenshots for teh game u see character with both KOTOR robes which i liked and flowing robes which were nice but got old after a while. Im not suggesting u put them in if they are not in teh game files jsut wondering if they were taken out for soem reason.
  6. Im at Shadaa now and i saved before i loaed the dokcs section so that when i go into teh apartments i coudl keep reloading to hodl out for soem decent loot. I've seen a few dark jedi night robes some nice underlays some good implants adn soem good belts but never a jedi master robe or a lightside robe or a lightsaber Im level 17 and this is my second world (I did Dantoonine first) Is the system truly random? I mean You will never find a jedi Robe on Peragus and the difficulty of the enimies increases with ur level i think, so why cant the items? While i knwo its random it cant be t
  7. Except dor the FACT that it is twice as hard beating the game as a Jedi on Difficult setting since u dont have force lightenign shower (which is a horrible animation, who holds their hand verticle when performing force lightening honestly now? Evryone knwos you point both hands at ur opponent, not this lightening fountain crap where it stirkes peopele in the top of teh head) Anyway im gonna say Mix and Mix only, beign a pure breed is overkill in any one aspect fo the game, a Consular--> Jedi Master's force powers are too strong for his own good and being a battle tank as a guardian-->
  8. Does anyone know if mods can be put up in teh xbox 360 market place, and if so can someone put some up for me thanksyou greedy pc players gotta share teh wealth ya know.
  9. I don't know about you, but I had a problem - I couldn't find enough lightsabers for all the party members I jedified ....only late in the game, or does the sequence of the planets you visit matter? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Same problem here. I think it depends on how fast you build your lightsaber, which sure takes longer than necessary. Ironic, because in K1 I always seemed to have too many lightsabers. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> And even worse, K1's over abundance of red lightsbaer crystals. I mean seriously, there are more in game than there are lgithsabers!
  10. wow... I havn't been on this forum in liek 5 months. I just came to see how the restoration project is coming along. I looked at teh WIP link and you guys(and ladies) have got a lot done. Excellent job. I know you answered the Xbox question before concerning the availability of the mod for non-PC gamers (you will try but can't promise), but I was wondering if the xbox 360's release and backwards compatability makes it easier to distribute KOTOR mods online. I think i heard somethign about beign able to distribute skins and mods through xbox live gold for the Xbox 360. Do you know anyt
  11. i did guardian/Jedi master and i liked it... i liked it a lot my fav combo of all time!!!
  13. wahts ridiculous is when playing as a dark jedi the party members, who were all darkside as well, came up to me and told me that Kreia was corrupting me and my face was all f'ed up and ugly; even though their's was to. I think that their voices shoudl be synthesized teh darker they get and it shoudl change their dialougue a little bit. It woudl not be THAT difficult to do and would protect a fully dark and trained handmaiden from complaining when i hurt an old man on teh street. I mean woudlnt it be awesome to be able to get teh codes for Atris's academy after u turn teh handmaiden Dark si
  14. the beggingin isnt bad.. i woudl liek to see those peopele be on teh jedi council but i dont want to really see the exile again he shoudl cut himself off with teh force again, he fullfilled his purpose of reestablishign teh Jedi Order. The problem with playing as revan is that he is already strong, to play as him agian is ridiculous. Whats it gonan be this time? He tripped on a log and lost his memory and force connection...again? I woudl love to play as revan but he should be a party member acquired at the end of the game. Bao-dur shoudl be a jedi too and him atton hadnmaiden bast
  15. Dude i live in new yoprk born in new york dont speak any other language other than english jsut fast and inaccurate typist. Thats why i use Microsoft wrod auto correct fools :D
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