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  1. is there a rough list of what type or brands of soundcards that cause problems? i too am experiencing the 60+ min crash to the desktop but it only happens when moving from one section to another (eg: getting off the ebon hawk or getting on)
  2. Thanks for the clarification. The error message you posted looks almost the same as what I get on the ATI gpu + Via Chipset, only difference is it always blames swkotor.exe or swkotor2.exe in my case. Hmm, I'm inclined to think it's the game engine that causes the crashing. I also get the pause and sound looping before I get dumped on the desktop with the error. I just completed the game as a DS Consular/Sith Lord on the Nvidia machine and didn't encounter a single CTD so I guess it's just rarer on an Nvidia setup than ATI, or could be just the randomness of it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  3. I've got an nforce2 chipset (Abit NF7-S rev2) hmm... i think the error message says something like... windows encoutered an error in swkotor.exe and will close to application. something to that effect. it's been a while since I saw the error message. Usually, I get the CTD after playing for about an hour. So, I just save and exit the game about every hour so that I don't get suprised by a CTD before I get a chance to save my game. also, right before i get the crash the game will pause for a second and the sound will start looping. here's a copy/paste out of event viewer:
  4. Both Nvidia and ATI are good cards. Period. The problem is that ATI needs to improve the quality and stability of their drivers. Anyway, I've got an Nvidia Geforce 6800GT with 71.84 whql drivers (fresh off nvidia's site) and I still experience CTD's.
  5. I've had no issues with the smuggling quest, but i can never complete the hunt for those two criminals. in one play-thru, i saw them in the czerka office but they ran off down to the surface of Telos. when i took the shuttle down there, i never met up with them. in another play-thru, i never saw them on cidatel station nor on the surface of telos.
  6. it's just a dumb stereotype. anyway, i prefer her over Visas. Visas is too submissive for my tastes.
  7. I think they did an excellent job. It does have its flaws but neverthless it's still very fun. Heck! I've been playing the game non-stop since I bought it and I'm on my 3rd way through it. I also think that it has better replayability than the first one. As already mentioned, the Sith Lords should have been more difficult to defeat. More planets to explore would also add to the enjoyment.
  8. mmmm... she's just hot. i do prefer longer longer hair on women, but she's hot either way. too bad that the other handmaidens are too brainwashed to... Visas is good looking too but something about how her mouth looks that keeps making me think that her tongue is sticking out of her mouth all the time.
  9. i'm kind of suprised that nobody mentioned plague. it drains 12 points from every stat and slows the opponent. since the DC for it is 100 nobody can save against it. it makes it easier for a consular that's weak in melee to defeat an opponent in melee combat. mind trick/confusion is also great for some temporary aid when fighting a large number of opponents. with a few exceptions, almost all of the offensive powers are decent but their effectiveness depends on ones playstyle. of course, since the bulk of the XP comes from killing it leaves a lot of the powers unused. it sure
  10. I'm not a hundred percent clear on how force barrier and energy resistance work. With force barrier, each attack that is made against you an X amount of points is subtracted from that damage and you recieve the rest? Is that how it works? The description of it wasn't quite clear to me. I assume that energy resistance work in a similar manner? -thank you in advance
  11. perhaps an expansion or kotor 3 might involve a quest to look for Revan since "...following in the steps of Revan" is one of the dialoge options at the end.
  12. I played as a lightside jedi first and i just finished playing a darkside one. my question is whether using a pragmatic-neutral aligment jedi will produce a different outcome than playing a LS or DS jedi?
  13. i think the best lightsaber kind of (but not completely) depends on your character and playstyle. if you go single lightsaber than you should be taking the deuling feat which nets you a +6 to attack and +6 to defense. not bad, eh? additionally, i get mastery in flurry and the speed force power which gives you 3 additional attacks. (1 for flurry and 2 for speed mastery) in any case, because your chances off scoring a critical hit aren't great i configure my lightsaber(s) for maximum damage. if you get a set of lenses, emitters, and cells that provide the most damange and two add
  14. thank you. i knew which skills to develop, but i wasn't sure whether to steer him towards unarmed combat or ranged combat. by the way, can only one npc be converted to jedi or several? the first time i played, i could only get atton to convert.
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