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  1. Yes, well, I went to the Lt. right after I saw the shopkeeper and there was no dialogue option. I am assuming now that as soon as I discover the shopkeeper is the smuggler I need to break out of the dialogue and go directly to the Lt. Seems kind of silly to me... if I agree to work for the smuggler right there, then go to the Lt. *before* stealing anything, then I should still be recognized for doing good as I am placing myself "undercover". Oh well, I have moved well past there now... maybe next time.
  2. Did you start the quest by showing Lt. Grenn the modded gun? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes. I showed it to him first, then Czerka Droid, Ithorians, Czerka woman, shopkeepers.
  3. Yes, I'd probably take the one DS hit to get some of the premium stuff... still, I cannot get the dialogue options no matter what. Guess I'll just split. This isn't a very important quest anyway, right? Does it dissapear off the quest list at some time? Thanks...
  4. Damn... I wonder if this is a bug, and there is somethign that "breaks" the quest. I *am* doing this AFTER going to Telos surface... has anyone else succeeded in this quest after visiting surface?
  5. I have done this. I went to the Lt. after... 1. Shopkeeper told me what he needs 2. After he (shopkeeper) gave me the plant quest 3. After I completed the plant quest 4. After he gave me the personal shield quest 5. After I completed the personal shield quest 6. After he gave me the medical suppies quest 7. I gave up here because I had to kill a TSF officer after I grabbed the supplies... yet when I went to the Lt, he still gave me no dialogue options! This is very frustrating.
  6. Howdy... 1. I have done everything except the smuggling side-quest and new energy source side quest. Although I have the hold-out blaster, once I find out the shopkeeper is the smuggler, I cannot get a dialogue option from the Lt. to tell him and complete the quest. I have tried every dialogue option, and even did all the smuggling missions, checking with the Lt. each time inbetween. He won't give me any dialogue options concerning the smuggling (since the one where he asked me to look into it). 2. Down on the planet, in the old military base, there is a door that says "Opened from another location", and on the Map says it leads to the "Sub-levels". Is this where the new energy source is? Or is the door not to be opened? I couldn't get it opened, and since I finished the rest of the level, I'd rather not fly back there if there's no reason. I have currently finished the secret polar Jedi facility and retreived the Ebon Hawk... I just went back to Citadel station to mop up those 2 side quests. Please help!
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