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  1. Thanks for the confirmation Chris. Gorth's suggestion has merit. So does anybody familiar with the Star Wars D20 systems have any ideas on what could adapted to the KOTOR system?
  2. I have been reading about the new force powers but wonder if the devs are adding new feats as well to KOTOR2. Any ideas on neat feats they can incorporate?
  3. I hope they don't mandate that the PC develops all skills so much as having your NPCs develop a few key skills. With the fact that you even need 14 intelligence to gain one extra skill point for Guardians and Consulars (while Sentinel class skills are not that good), it seems rather more demanding on stats (unless they are fixing that in this release?). Does the PC NEED to be the one with high repair skills to get the best bench upgrades? Or can an NPC do it for the PC? If that is the case then Guardians and Sentinels (who more likely need the enhanced items) will get shortchanged while
  4. That is all well and good. But I hope they don't go overboard with skills either. To me, the game has always been about combat first and foremost. If the scripts and enemy AI are improved, then I am a happy camper.
  5. Is it just me or are the Jedi robes beginning to resemble the Japanese samurai kimono type robes? At the very least the new female NPC with the white robe particularly sports that look. Pretty spiffy though I think that is probably her regular clothing look (like Bastila's orange get up with clothing) and would change when you equip her in another robe.
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