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  1. While we're on the Hanhaar PWNS thingie, might as well point out how his assessment of the Onderon 'crisis' was so damn cool. For those who don't know what the hell I'm talking about, bring him with you when you leave the ship on Iziz for the first... He basically says that all hunters and prey go insane because they feel the imminent death of the planet. Pretty sweet stuff.
  2. Kinda picked that up. See post above. Which leaves the question as to "in which order do you learned those blast Force forms?"
  3. You know what, just been back online and read some other posts. From what I've read so far and what I remember from my first Sentinel/WeaponMaster build... Sentinels/Watchmans/Assassins get Shien first while; Guardians/WeaponMasters/Marauders get Ataru first. (haven't started with a guardian ever yet, only am speculating based on the sentinel experience, eh) Kinda makes sense considering how Ataru is more "Agressive" with its totally rad +1 threat range mod \m/ Now if I could just get the Force form order for pure consular/JediMaster/SithLord... Am almost (based on 1 consular pay through, lol) positive the first one is Potency, but the other two... Pretty much 50-50, isn't it?
  4. Sigh. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I know what Forms which class get. Let me reformulate in simpler terms. Does each master teach a SPECIFIC (AKA always the same) lightsaber/force form? And if that's the case, which FORCE forms do Kavar and Vrook teach?
  5. All right, so here's the thing. Does each master teach a SPECIFIC Lightsaber/Force form? Or is it based on the order in which you kill the masters? Last time I played, I was Consular/Marauder. Here's the order in which I learned the forms Zez-Kai El taught Force Potency force form (no prestige yet, me a smart one, eh ). Vrook taught Ataru lightsaber form. Kavar taught Juyo lightsaber form. Now, I know that: they would've all taught Force Forms had I played a Master/Lord; I would've gotten the Amani Lightsaber form had I been a watchman/assassin; I would've gotten Shien rather than Force potency had I been sentinel/guardian (my first game was with a sentinel on Nar Shaddaa). The question is, do the masters always teach the SAME Lightsaber/Force form? Or is it that, let's say, the first one always teach Shien/Potency, the second one Ataru+WhateverForm and the last one Juyo/Niman+WhateverForm. Sorry, about the last two forms, I just never played a Sith Lord/Jedi Master. Really haven't seen the point, really... Other classes are so much better on so many levels, but I disgress. Well, which is it? Each master with his own Form? Or is it in an 'order in which you meet them' thingie? If it is the former, which Force forms do Vrook and Kavar teach? If not, which one do you get second and third?
  6. LSMale / Atris Showdown: the version you were never meant to see. Atris: I love you, Exile. I always did. Exile: Oh. Wow. Wasn't expecting that, really, I mean, you did wish me dead on numerous occasions and *actually* tried to kill me moments ago. Atris: I'm sorry. And the wishing you dead part was an act. I was in denial. Exile: Figures. *uncomfortable silence* Exile: Well, you see, there's this girl. I really like her. I mean, *really* *really* like her. Quite the catch. I'm taking serious relationship material. Ok, sure, the whole milky white eyes thingie is a bit strange at first and, sure, there's still the occasional homicidal episode, but, we... we're working on that. It's a process. Atris: Homicidal episode? Exile: Well, it's complicated. She sort was a bad girl. I mean, *really* bad girl. But she's really trying. It's endearing, really. I mean, what choice did I have but to promise we'd track down some two-bits assassins or criminal scum every now and then only to slaughter them just for kicks? Maybe not what I had in mind for a date, but well, she does that cute thing with her lip when she's about to kill something and talk about deadly sexy and... Atris: You promised to do what? Exile: Nothing. Yeah, well, the thing is we're really hitting it off and I've basically been granted access to her, huh, landing ramp and... Atris: Her what? Exile: And then there was that weird but oddly stimulating *looking upon each other* thingie. Anyway, I was thinking that as soon as we defeat those Sith Lords we could line up a couple of weeks of R&R and, basically fu... huh, spend meaningful time with each other and, well, that's pretty much it. Atris: Oh. Exile: Yeah. Sorry. Atris: Right. *uncomfortable silence* Exile: Wait, that doesn't mean you *have* to be alone or do the exile thing or anything, though. I mean, everyone deserve their happy ending, right? Wait, there's this wise-cracking not half-bad looking scoundrel I know. A pilot, too. I mean, beside the lying, drinking & gambling part, he's a good guy. Well, ok, so what if he used to kill Jeaaaahhhh... Atris: Kill what? Exile: Jeaaannngggs. Rare specie. Real dangerous. An Outer Rim thing. Still, forget about him. Somehow, I think it would be a very bad idea. Huh, you don't happen to fancy armor-clad broken down bloodlust-induced mandalorians? Atris: Mandalorian? Is that some kind of a joke? Exile: Didn't think so. How about bitter annoyingly quiet Iridonians with guilt issues and, huh, wait, I was getting somewhere with this... oh, right, a heart of gold. Been told he's not half-bad looking for one his kind, but don't take my word for it. Male iridonians beauty standard not exactly my forte, you know. Besides, Mira really was drunk. Told her she should know better than to try to outdrink a Jedi. Atris: You speak of Bao-Dur. I'm not interested in him. Exile: Mmmm. *Uncomfortable silence* Exile: Girls, then? We've got aleggy redhead with leather and attitudes and... Atris: No. Exile: The Handmaiden? Atris: NO! Exile: Damnit, do you really have to be so picky? I'm trying to be nice here. For the sake of fluff and happy endings. You gotta meet me halfway. It's called teamwork, sister. Atris: I don't even KNOW most of these people! I just confessed to years of denial and repressed feelings and got brushed off just like that. Do you really expect me to just get over it in a matter of seconds??!! *uncomfortable silence* Exile: You did say you wouldn't really mind if I didn't do the noble forgiving thing, right? I mean, *maybe* there is no hope for you and maybe it would be best if I just... Atris: Hold on a minute, I... *Exile ignites lightsaber*
  7. Mmm... Back to the MIRA thing... I KNOW she said the Jedi Master had hired her. She says so. Fine, so she didn't technically harm you and that was a vast improvement when compared to what about every other bounty hunter had in store for you, but still... I'm just not entirely convinced she wasn't going to sell you to Goto anyway. Dunno, but I didn't exactly get the feel from her conversation with Visquis that she was "protecting" (AKA having you unconscious in a safehouse) for some higher purpose... Hell, the same could be said about the conversation with her before getting drugged. Besides, shouldn't she have warned ZKE right on the spot? Seriously, me thinks she pulled one on the old guy...
  8. Seriously... The latest Hannharr (Yes, me thinks he rocks) threads got me wondering on why exactly Mira was following the Exile. It's pretty obvious for the furrball, while for Mira, well... My second and last playthrough was DS so my memory may be spotty, but... Didn't Mira claim that she had been hired by the Jedi Master and was "keeping Goto off your back" but somehow still tried to sell you to Goto and kept commenting throughout the game about how you're still a bounty to her? I'll admit I haven't played a LS female yet, so maybe she's nicer, but still... So, what, that makes her a glorified bodyguard? Seriously, why on Earth's name wouldn't an Exile just dump her back on Nar Shaddaa or even better space her on Iziz or something right before the civil war? :D Don't get me wrong, I like the character, but it just seem you'd have more reasons (I'm speaking about the mission here, not the leather :D) to want Hannhar to stick around...
  9. Loved him. The lamest of the droids, but still kinda funny... Had me laughing when it tried to weasel out of entering the Korriban academy (or was it the cave...?):D Or when you lie how about wanting to save the Republic... His tone when it says it's not convinced... priceless
  10. Pure Force contest: Revan hands down. Legit lightsaber duel: Hmmm... Maybe the Exile. Hell, he/she gave up on the Force and pretty much had to rely on physical skills for 9 years. Besides, it somewhat makes more sense that a combat-oriented Jedi would give up the Force more easily then, let's say... a Consular/SithLord/JediMaster... Maybe it's just me, but I always saw Revan as a Sentinel(or Consular, but Sentinel is my no. 1). Besides, a guardian Exile makes more sense because of his/her past with Kavar and how much Malak seemed to hate you. No offense, but I doubt ol' baldy would've even cared about a wimpy Sentinel/Consular
  11. Awesome character and surprisingly insightful for, well, a furrball. His cutscene in the Iziz Starport and "Killed your own heart to shut them out" line won me over. Seriously, my jaw dropped at how he just *knew* what the hell went wrong with Onderon and Malachor... Just, wow. Can't help but entertain the thought that he was Force sensitive on some level... Really, the Onderon dialogue just really was something.
  12. Sigh. I thought I had been clear enough in the original post, but apparently not. Here's the first question redux. Question 1: DS prestige class doesn't get the "STARTING" class bonus while the LS prestige class did. Is that normal?
  13. All right, just for starters, this topic isn't about what the bonus are... Here's the quick list just to get it out of the way... Guardian/Weaponmaster: +3 str Sentinel/Watchman: +3 con Consular/Jedi Master: +3 wis Sith Marauder: +1-8 dmg Sith Assassin: +3 dex Sith Lord: +50 FP Now, here's the thing. I just finished my second run (Hey, I own the PC version)through the game. First time LS Sentinal/Weaponmaster, second time DS Consular/Assassin. So here's what I'm wondering... 1 - The LS Exile - visibly - had the bonuses from BOTH Sentinel and Weaponmaster classes while the DS Exile only had the +3 dex from the Assassin class. Is that normal? Is it a game balance (AKA DS power owning so very bad) thing or...? 2 - My LS Exile hit mastery waaayy before his DS counterpart and sure as hell ended up with more "alignment" AND influence points... All potential Jedis have been turned in both games and they were on the highest end of their LS/DS spectrum. Yet, only during my DS game did all of my NPC Jedis have mastery. What's up with that? Seriously, it just is somewhat ironic that the DS NPCs would get the Mastery while I didn't... and the exact opposite for the LS characters... Oh well, not as if it was much of an issue considering how easy the game was, but I'm just curious...
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