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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions and help with beating the larger storm beast (not only didn't I get the name of the planet right , I screwed up the name of the creature. I think I was doing this too late at night) I beat the beast using stasis and chopping. I noticed that a few of the posts talked about getting up to level 30. I'm now at the point of fighting Kreia but I'm only at level 22 (light side). I haven't been able to beat her yet, but I'm wondering if you can at this level. I don't have the force crush or choke, just stasis, scream, critical strike and flurry. Can I do it with this, or do I need to go back and get something else? Again, thanks for any help.. I'm new to RP games but am definitely hooked on these KOTOR games.
  2. Even though I've struggled with the ATI tech issues and am praying for a patch soon, I've been able to trudge through most of the game. I am however stuck trying to get past this "larger snow beast" on Mangalor (? I just forget the name of the planet I crashed the Ebon Hawk on). I've gone down through most of the caverns and have beat lots of regular snow beasts but after the walls close on you and you face this greater snow beast, I get killed every time. One or two swats and I'm dead and since you're solo, there's no one to help you out. Is there a preferred weapon or strategy for getting past this. Thanks for any suggestions.
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