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  1. if they made it so you didn't have to have like a 5000 dollar machine to play the game, then sure, I'd use my computer. Sadly though, I'm not rich enough. So I love XBOX
  2. I'd suggest just living with the way your character looks. Put a mask over him/her
  3. Alas, my computer can't handle games.....because of these demanding needs for certain stuff....why can't they just use the basics and have it say "If you have these: it'll be better"
  4. "Why the HELL does Exile go back to Malachor V? All of a sudden I was leaving the Ravager. No cutscene, nothing. Then frealy planet with the scary music." Well, I played lightside and the exile in the lightsided goes back to stop Kreia from doing something like killing herself to rid the universe of you.... As for the reason right after the ravenger..it happens to everyone....after you fight the ravenger battles...you go off to the last planet automatically "I haven't played KOTOR 1 so please fill me in if relevant" Just to let you know, KOTOR 1 doesn't make much of a differ
  5. How does one influence people to be jedi and still remain darksided? Sorry, I had to quickly restart my computer... But anyways, you have to like be nice and do nice stuff...and that takes away dark side points and I don't even mean talking to them! Actions! Stuff like that. I want to know, is it possible to make them jedi and still be darksided! And if so, how can you do that and is it possible not to have to turn darkside AFTER they are jedi and continue to be darksided while influencing these people.
  6. It's an annoying little bug I guess. I got my 11....and that was it...the entire game...no more spikes for me! Even when I had none.
  7. hey! I've played both, I'd like another! Simply because it's a game in a genre I enjoy and it allows me choices.....
  8. I've played as a jedi watchman... My last game I got both Mira and Visas (sp?) to have light side mastery....
  9. My first game I just ran into another room while she was being ambushed by t3....and I just waited and waited and never even went back to fight and.....she told me I beat her!
  10. I dunno if HK fights with it in or not...when you tell him with it in, he'll tell you he won't kill anyone...take it out! TAKE IT OUT!
  11. ah, it was cut...I was gonna say....he never died in my game and I played a female....
  12. I liked the influences thing. Sue me, but I found it fun to influence people based on what I said... oh....and I liked the creating and breaking up items....
  13. Well...I've got Shaira, Kiara Fallan, Naia, Liam, Tellina.....
  14. Please. Step one: Make only one thread dealing with your issue Step Three: Read responses Step four: THIS ISN'T THE SECTION TO PUT SPOILERS DOWN
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