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  1. That is my impression on how it works. If the reason they did it was the one you described (and is not a bug), then it is really stupid. What is the purpose of having a party if you are supposed to do all by yourself.
  2. I am not sure if this correct. The skill of the party member played at 1st persons, is definately taken into account for creating items. I know this because when i open the bench with Bao Dur I can manifacture almost everything while when doing it with the Exile almost nothing. ( I am taking for benches out of ship). So it is inconsistent to count the members skill for creating an item and only the exiles for breaking it down. Strange.
  3. I am trying to breakdown items with a party member with all techical skills at 25+. I have a lot of items in inventory, some of them quite rare. Nevertheless, I invariably get a value of 1 component for each and every item in my inventory. I though that rare items and high repair skill were suppose to result in high componet values. But to no avail. Hence the "create items" option on the workbench becomes redundant or very boring (imagine to have to disassemble 100 items to get 100 components.) Anyone had this problem too?
  4. I always treat intelligence as useless stat for my guradian. I just leave it on -8-. I have companions with hight skills to do things for me. Does this mean I cannot see the bastilla scene?
  5. Do melee feats improve lighsaber attack/damage factors or they are just limited to pure melee weapons (i.e swords etc)?
  6. What was the best feature of KOTOR II in your opinion. The one you enjoyed the most. Try just to list good features and avoide complains, buts...althoughs.. ect. Lets try and create a positive atmosphere in this thread. For me it was the parts were you were obliged to play with companion(s) only. It gave a very good reason to actually care for their character development throught the game.
  7. I am playing a full darkside campain. I was told by Luxa to meet alone in the medical bay of Telos some armsdealers. I go there alone (and i mean alone - not just solo) but noneone appears there. Note that the buxani brothers (or whatever is their name) have already fled to Telos surface at an ealier stage. I suspect it was them to meet. Anyway. I found an empty med bay (I have also competer the quest of stealing something from the crate in there for the guy in the shop). Any suggestions? thnx
  8. Single lighsider has more class. I had a guardian with single light sable able to inflict 40-70 pts damage which means that with master critical and Juyo you almost always inflict 100+ hits. Which means that with master speed you have 3 hits per turn of an aggregate damage of 200-300. More that enough. I could cut even the most difficult enemies into pieces in seconds.
  9. I know this skill is supposed to be influence by INT attribute. But when examining skills on your caracter map it seems to add up my wisdom modifiers. Has anyone else realised that?
  10. I started a second game and i realised that all my past saves disappeared! What has happened? Help!
  11. For me Handmaiden is the easiest to convert to Jedi. I made her a Dark Jedi in my first game. And now I made her a light one in my second. I also converted to light side Visas, very easyly. I made Atton a Jedi too. My only problem is Mira. Cannot do anything with her. Neither in my first game as DS nor in my second as LS.
  12. For me the EP 2 was great. I found a ingenious potical alegory in its story. Closely resembling the way Bush Administration used the idea of an external treat so that after september 11 they curtailed civil liberties for the sake of security. In EP2 the enemy of the republic is actually supported by Palpatine to become a treat so that he can justify a war and trun the republic into a military regime. Same with Bin Landen. US funded him to create commossion to the former USSR interest at Afganistan and when he became powerfull and turned against his benefactor, they ask for more pow
  13. Lets be fair with LA. Their mission is: Make a great game first (i.e Jedi Outcast, KOTOR) and make money on just good but hastily done sequels that people will buy hoping for something on par with the first game.
  14. I would think sales were great. And more so on the first day of release (i.e per-orders etc). I did pre order for example My point is that people actually were buying KOTOR I. Lets see how things will go for KOTOR III. I think the expectations will be high, but everybody will more restrained and looking for reviews and feedback. Just my guess. BTW i there is such a box office published somewhere, i would be interested to see it, not only for this game but in general.
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