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  1. Indy Why? 1. He beat up alot of Nazis 2. Whip 3. He doesnt have to worry about getting STDs. 4. Survied every 1,000 or 10,000 year old traps.
  2. Even indians? The Makah indian tribe in my state has return to whale hunting. They still do the traditional way. Here is the tribe bringing in the carcas: The Hunt:
  3. My class mate is norwgian. Her family were all whaliers. She also loves ocean beef.
  4. I dont want to pay some else's medical bills. I have my own bills to take care of.
  5. Im sorry, but I dont feel like waiting in line just have my leg check. If I have the money I can go to my own doctor. There trying to do that in my state, but im sorry Social Secuirty, Medic care, and other taxes on my paycheck is too much. Yes lets make drugs legal so we wont have a problem sending addicts and sellers to prision. Why dont we let murder legal because it will lower prison population and lower the murder rate?
  6. What trailer? All I get are 404 in the mirriors!
  7. Maybe we need our own forum here to duscuss this. Like a sub forum here. Hey I could mod it. Im kind but I do have a Iron club if needed.
  8. I loved the movie. I know the ending is a little off, but what the hell it leads to the next part of the triolgy.
  9. "Merchandising! Merchandising! Where the real money from the movie is made." ~ Yogurt nuf said. :D
  10. Thats the point. I dont want the UN to become a world government. Like for exsample is the EU. In a few years the EU will become one big giant nation.
  11. Heck UN needs Bolton. Without Bolton at the UN. The UN will contine its failings.
  12. And dont forget this wonderful UN didnt believe the deaths in Sudan was genocide.
  13. Im ready for you: For John Bolton: We need some one who will clean up the UN. We need some one who can slap the UN in the face sometimes. I believe I got the best picture for this:
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