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  1. Obviously because the ones that have a jiggle to them are not wearing a bra??
  2. People who have not played all the listed games should not be allowed to vote. I dunno how anyone can play SS2 and HL and vote for HL.
  3. There are official forums now ? On topic: Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Bethesda say that Oblivion would cover a landmass which is even bigger than Morrowinds ? How on earth do they hope to make it less steril if they didn't manage it in the predecessor ? Radiant AI sounds neat but it will never substitute well-written NPCs and custom quests and I fear that their solution to the dead world is an automated AI rather than old-fashioned design. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There is a larger landmass because of the forests and wilds. Certain areas are randomly generated I believe, and they go on forever. Don't quote me on that second part though.
  4. Baley:Seriously dude do you do anything with your life besides reading these forums? Every other post is yours in every thread in every board on this site!
  5. Guys comparing Gothic series to Elder Scrolls series is a sin. They are worlds apart. Although I think the next Elder Scrolls will actually be good, not cuz of the graphics, but Bethesda knows what went wrong with Morrowind; the static world, boring NPCs, abysmal combat. They have stated numerous times in interviews that they are really trying to address these problems, hence the new "Radiant AI" which is very similar to Gothic's AI where each NPC has a 24 hour task schedule, the new dialogue system, and the new combat system.
  6. Apparently Bethesda is working real hard to address the generic NPC problem for their next Elder Scrolls game. They even stated that the dialogue system has been completed overhauled where it is no longer keyword based like in Morrowind. You guys should wait and see how Oblivion pans out before writing the next Fallout off. Personally I can't stand Morrowind, I tried to get into it several times but I always get bored after the first hour or so. Th static world was a major problem for many gamers and Bethesda knows it.
  7. Your attitude is not appreciated. You're not looking hard enough. The working screenshots are not hosted on ImageShack.
  8. The German PC Action magazine published the first preview of Gothic3! A guy by the name of Sowilo has translated a summary. You can find the summary and the screenshots here: http://forum.worldofplayers.de/forum/showthread.php?t=61244 Sounds and looks amazing.
  9. Yeh it's a good game, I finished it a while back.
  10. Thanks for the reply but that wasn't really my question! :D
  11. I dunno why people say the combat in PS:T was awful... It's not that different from BG1 and 2. I find it much better actually, and the spells are amazing, especially the higher level ones. Actually this brings me to another question: Those levels 9 spells, like the symbol of torment and celestial host, do they exist in the planescape campaign or were they created for the game? Were the developers free to create new spells, lore, background info on the planescape multiverse?
  12. Yeh I just read the dialogue in the room of reflection and remembered everything. They were just echos from previous lifetimes.
  13. It's been quite a long while since I played the last parts of Torment and this has been bothering me for quite some time... Around the end of the game TNO actually meets up with 2 of his incarnations. I forgot if that happens inside the fortress of regrets or somewhere else, anyway, I was wondering how that was possible? How were all three incarnations existing at the same time? Someone please remind me...
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