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  1. I think Cipher is the coolest concept, and it feels so fitting for the Watcher.
  2. I really think a woman can narrate just as well as a man, or a man as poorly as a woman. It's not the gender, it's the--mindset. The way you're thinking at the time you're reading and how well your voice serves the text, blending in enough to make the story itself pop more, but standing out enough to keep the listener interested in the meaning of the words. This is a highly imperfect example, since it's done in realtime as a person playing the game instead of someone thinking like a narrator in a nice studio without any noisy computer fans around, but take it as a hint of what could be.
  3. I really like Ashley Johnson normally, but the pacing is awful. It's like someone was standing over her shoulder yelling "SLOWER! PEOPLE ARE TOO STUPID TO UNDERSTAND IF YOU READ FASTER THAN A SNAIL COULD SPELL THE WORDS!" I think Obsidian fans are a clever lot, actually, so that's a misplaced sentiment, wherever it might've come from. Beyond that, though, she sounds a little too... something. I don't know. Too American? (I am American, so that's weird to say; maybe it's a specific accent or inflection, possibly not even to do with being American.) It's distracting. Her voice is too distinc
  4. Already did the moon godlike for my own purposes! https://i.imgur.com/W1RkLjV.png I think I did much better when I tried Amegani's Moon Godlike, though. I'll attach that one too just in case anyone wants to see it. I used it in PoE, so in the end even though I love Anna Helm's I stuck with Amegani's for this playthrough. I replaced a female aumaua portrait I'd never use, though, so it will need renaming if anyone cares about that. female_amegani.zip
  5. Since England does not exist in the PoE universe anymore than America does, I don't see why they shouldn't use as many accents as they like. I would object more to the use of modern slang in games than any particular accent. I think PoE did well in feeling like its own thing, so Eder's casual twang didn't bother me whatsoever. It made him feel distinct in personality, region, and culture from the more sophisticated-sounding Aloth, which makes sense given their backgrounds. Soldier from farmlands, vs. wizard raised in service to the nobility. It's analogous enough for my tastes.
  6. Definitely not a fan of the watercolor portraits, personally. I understand it's an artistic choice, but I vastly prefer the more realistic style.
  7. This is a hard question, but in the end I would rule it firmly on the side of "it's your character." You choose your character's face, their talents, their alignment... everything. So you, in the end, determine whether your character was just a pawn of the council or whether they might have, in fact, been wiser than most of the council all along (in somehow sensing that it was your place in the grand scheme of things to lose yourself to the Dark for a while.) After all, Dark Side Revan doesn't get redeemed. So in some ways, it has to be a true redemption--you clearly have the choice no
  8. I know I've gone dormant for a long time, but hey, I'm still waiting and checking. My excitement has not died. This is a wonderful game, and a few years aren't going to stop me from wanting to see it treated as it deserved to be treated in the first place. Thank you so much for your hard work, Team Gizka!
  9. I just ate Ore Ida microwave fries with a delicious Bolthouse Farms drink: Perfectly Protein, which is basically a vanilla cinnamon chai tea latte kinda thing. Healthy, yet rich and luscious.
  10. It kinda sucks that Oblivion was delayed, but as they say in the demos, the entire game was technically done--technically. It's that they weren't satisfied with the polish. "We decided that we wanted to get it done right, that we still had stuff to do optimization-wise; you know, in the last week we've reduced load times by like 400%, so there's lots of speed and performance things. The content is done, the game is done, you can play and do everything. For us now, it's the level of polish." I mean, think of how many companies would just shove it out the door for the Xbox 360 launch, d
  11. Oh my god, yes--the CRADLE. If Bloodlines' hotel scared you, you won't live through Thief 3's Cradle. Not for the faint of heart.
  12. I love Anakin. He's a fascinating character, in my opinion. I don't see any human being as black or white completely--Anakin has good qualities. But the Light Side action would've been to sacrifice personal needs and allow life to happen. Again, Padme would've become one with the Force--she would not have suffered after she died. HE would have been the one suffering, without her alive and by his side. His emotions were strong... they were not wrong. But what he did WAS wrong. All those people Anakin murdered had loved ones, too. He counted the loved ones of others as meaning less than his
  13. I hate to say it or even think it, but I confess... I am made of mush. While I enjoyed my Dark Side run through KOTOR 1 as a male Scoundrel, and my Dark Side run through KOTOR 2 as a female Consular, I just love that rush of satisfaction that comes from a good deed done. Even when it's total fiction, it just feels... right. To give even at a loss, as long as you're smart enough to know a con game from a real need. I guess I'm too led by my passions... But, hell, who really believes all that "love is evil and leads to the dark side" crap anyway? It only does that if, like any emotion, it'
  14. I understand. Better than most, I understand. All I really hoped for was an indication of whether I should just give up and play the game again. I'll probably end up finishing KOTOR and F.E.A.R. and then replaying KOTOR 2 regardless of whether the mod is done by then or not. Oooh... and I could do Half-Life 2 and Thief 3 and Bloodlines again... <---*indecisive*
  15. I've been pining for KOTOR 2. I just replayed KOTOR a few times and I have a real taste for it, but... I've wanted it to feel like a new game; to put enough distance between replays that the new mod makes it all the more fun. Can anyone on the team give me a super-vague, totally unofficial hint at a release date which I will absolutely not hold you to? Or maybe a suggestion of whether I'll still be pining five months from now and thus might as well go ahead and replay? KOTOR 2 is a great game and I'll get that restoration mod even if it's five YEARS from now. (Heck, I waited that lon
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